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Pantry Jar Giveaway – You Can’t Beat Free!

Pantry Jar Giveaway – You Can’t Beat Free!

Good Morning!!  Do you smell that?  That’s the smell of FREE STUFF!  I’m having a Pantry Jar Giveaway Contest Thingymajig. Whatever you want to call it, someone will win 2 Free Anchor Hocking 1.5 gallon pantry/storage glass jars with seals!

 Why A Pantry Jar Giveaway?

I received so many inquiries concerning the use of glass jars in my pantry after the  Organizing Your Pantry 101 post, that I thought, “Hey maybe I can help another frugal soul on their glass jar pantry journey”.  I love these pantry glass jars so much that I really wanted to encourage you to give them a try. You can find all my reasons why I’m a big fan in the blog post, and while I’ve built my collection of jars up over the years at garage sales and thrift stores, it’s often one at a time and months in between. I didn’t want you to have to wait that long to get started, after all, it’s still only February.

And so a pantry jar giveaway was born.  A set of two sounded better to me than just one jar, and ohhhhh, did I mention that you have a choice of lid color? AND don’t get me started on my opinion of glass vs plastic that’s a blog post for another day when you nothing but time to read my rambling. But the fact that I chose glass will kinda give you an idea of where I fall on the issue.  I’m really excited about this giveaway! It’s something that I would enter to win, so I’m hoping that you will be excited too!

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Hey, I Wanna Win!

It’s easy to enter!  Simply go to the Contest-Make It Clear page.  You’ll find it on the top menu or by clicking on the link.  Enter and done!  But, pay attention to the part that tells you how you can have more than one entry!

I want to wish you tons of luck! Make It Clear Contest

Happy Entering!