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10 Common Decorating Mistakes And How To Fix Them

November 3, 2016 1 Comments

This is Part Deux of my Q & A posts.  Most of the questions that I get asked the most concern decorating mistakes, so I decided to combine them into a video.  Although I’m not a professional designer or Interior Decorator I do have an opinion!  And I’ve come up with my top 10 common decorating mistakes and how to fix them.  This list is based on what I’ve seen that catches my eye when people send me pictures and ask for my opinion.



I searched Pinterest for some examples of beautifully put together rooms and found some yummy ones.  Please visit their websites!

  1. VISI Magazine
  2. Better Homes & Gardens Magazine
  3. How To Decorate
  4. Caitlin Wilson Textiles
  5. Pink Persimmon
  6. One Kings Lane
  7. Honestly WTF
  8. HGTV
  9. The Everygirl
  10. Enchanted Home
  11. Harper’s Bazaar

Additional Thoughts

decorating mistakes

Can you look at your room with an open mind?  Try to look at your room as a visitor would instead of your home filled with your stuff.  As a last resort clear out the room (perfect time to paint!) and start all over again by choosing your favorite furniture pieces and take them in one by one keeping these tips in mind.  Arrange the room, rearrange the room and repeat until you you’re happy!  And I have one last bit of advice.  Make sure that your newly decorated room functions as you need it to.  Can you comfortably use the room, does it have the storage that you need?  Does it flow easily or do you have to plot a maze course to sit on the sofa?  Beautiful rooms need to function for your family and functioning rooms can be beautiful!

I hope you enjoy this simple video and if you have any questions for me, please send them to fadedbluebird@gmail.com. It’s your home, so listen to your own instincts, put your own spin on it and you will have the most beautiful home in the world.

Happy Decorating!


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