Faded Bluebird

Little FBB birdy’s send me pics via Facebook Messenger asking my opinion about decor and vignettes in their homes. I don’t know that I’m able to help, but I give everyone essentially the same advice. I’m a charter member of the “Ornately Sophisticated with Elegant Simplicity” style.

 In other words, start with great bones, and don’t guild that Lilly.  There is great beauty in simple touches, whether your style is French County, Farmhouse, Rustic, Industrial or Early- I Don’t Have a Freakin Clue What I’m Doing.   Look how this blogger gives the room above the feel of fall with the addition of two fall oil paintings, a pillow and some fall leaves.  Her room’s neutral color choices keep it clean and elegant, but her fall additions just screams the season while keeping it simple.

A fireplace with a gorgeous ornate mirror, doesn’t need much more.  But look how elegant the addition of a wheat wreath and pumpkins lined up on the mantle look in that vignette.  Can you imagine a world where the words pumpkins and elegant are used in the same sentence?  But, am I wrong?????…….the answer you’re looking for is NO, I’m not wrong!

Sometimes it’s just about adding something simple to your current decor.  Like a chunky knitted throw over your vintage Matelasse bedding.


Or, a simple vintage paisley, flannel or tartan throw over a gorgeous chair.
Fall decor doesn’t have to be extensive, store bought or expensive.  Sometimes the biggest impacts are the smallest details.  Seasonal decor that overwhelms or totally fills a table isn’t really appreciated, you can’t possibly take it all in.  To me, the most beautiful seasonal decor follows the WWAHD method.

When you get stuck simply ask yourself, “What Would Audrey Hepburn Do?”.  Channel the most elegant woman that ever lived and you can’t go wrong.

-Happy Fall Decorating!!

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