Faded Bluebird

The Who, what, where & why I became Faded Bluebird

I have often wondered what I could have possibly done in a previous life that I’ve had to face so many challenges.  Ok so in this one, I “borrowed” my aunt’s Barbie collection so my friends and I could explore the mysteries of a curling iron, but seriously does that merit living in the Tornado Superstore that Moore, Oklahoma has become?  I think she might have hexed me, because all these years later, she still mentions it at family gatherings.

However, I love my job as an Education Director for a local Conservation District, because I get to teach people to be more environmentally friendly. I get to  discuss subjects such as; vermicomposting, organic gardening, water conservation, recycling, green cleaning, and energy efficiency every day. But on my off hours I play by decorating my home using thrift and junk finds. So along the way, I’ve had to learn how to; paint, strip, upholster, rewire, rebuild and repurpose.  There is nothing more satisfying than decorating my home in the style that I want spending only what I can afford or less.

My path to living as green as I’m comfortable with has been interesting to say the least.  Learning how to dry line my clothes was an adventure! And I think that I might have more pictures of my first homegrown tomato than my kids on my cell.  But our life turned on a dime again shortly after my husband’s 43rd Birthday when we found out that he had 4 brain tumors. Due to his treatments, our view of food and nutrition had to change, and we had to strap on a tighter budget belt.

My husband survived his cancer, but lost his sight and we had new challenges to face.  Luckily being green and being frugal kind of go hand in hand, so I learned to grow my own herbs and expanded my food growing abilities past that totally rockin tomato.  We found out that blending your own sauces and spice mixes is simple, and decided that if we couldn’t pronounce it or spell it, we didn’t want to eat it, so our monthly grocery bill was cut in half.

This blog is about our lifestyle; from living and decorating on a single income, an annually shrinking State Employees’ pay, to being green.  The things that we’ve learned on our path to living more gently while maintaining our style standards.  I am a certified, current with my dues, card carrying organizing, junking, upcycling, organic gardening, green cleaning Diva and I couldn’t be happier about it!

My husband and I have two children, two rabbits, two parakeets, and a pond full of fish….. we’re a mini Noah’s Ark around here.  We take care of a house, our budget and our garden in perfect harmony, mostly because he’s given up trying to argue with me.  He barely flinches anymore when I walk in with yet another ornate gold mirror score from Goodwill because he knows I’ll be selling one to make room, and I love him enough not to burden him with how much pink is actually in the house now.

Life is good at Faded Bluebird! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you stay for awhile and visit!

-Chris Ward