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Achieving Magazine Worthiness – Faucets

July 13, 2017 0 Comments

I’m starting with faucets, not because I believe it is the last thing you should consider in my Top 10 ways to make your home magazine worthy, but because it’s where I started.  To be honest, with the exception of my #1 option, the rest of them are in no particular order.  I have no way of knowing what needs updating in your home.  Or what bugs you and what doesn’t. Each of the 10 ways I will discuss over the next several weeks will produce button jettison pride.  I don’t expect all of them to appeal to you, but that’s the beauty!  You can pick and choose your own projects.  Now, let’s get started with a faucet update!

Faucets – Pour On The Style

This isn’t just for those of you who are still living with the typical builder’s choice faucets like the one below.  Prior to 2000, it seemed that all builders used the exact same faucet.  And as I’ve said in the post, Open House Sundays, I’m known to visit an open house or two. Builders are finally getting it and installing much nicer faucets to match the style of the home. But for anyone who wants to change their style or just update a dated look, check out these tips.

faucet upgrade

Just in case you can’t work with your current faucet, be sure to check in thrift stores, builder’s thrift stores like Habitat For Humanity’s ReStores, and plumbing supply stores.  Ask to see their clearance, returns and seconds. And I have it on good authority that you should check with your plumber!  They often remove the old fixtures when hired to install updates.  The shower faucet of your dreams could be one phone call away.  OR if you’re a junker like me, keep your eyes open curbside.  I’ve found several expensive faucets there.  Usually, I have to take them off the sinks, and sometimes, I take the sinks too!  That’s how I replaced my kitchen sink a couple of months ago.

Replacing a faucet yourself is easy!  Here’s a great video to show you how.

But if your budget doesn’t allow for replacing your faucets and you can’t wait to either find a sink curbside or a cheap one at a thrift store, would you consider a quick makeover?

Silk Purse – Sow’s Ear

To honor full disclosure, I haven’t done this myself, but I have friends who have and they haven’t had any problems with peeling or chipping.  So, if you have a faucet that needs to keep you happy for a while longer, paint it!  I couldn’t find a better before and after WOW factor than at Sincerely Sara D.


Source: Sincerely Sara D

For the price of some spray paint or a can of paint, you can have a gorgeous new look!  At the end of the post, Sara gives updates on the faucet 3 months later and 2 and half years later.  My friends tell me that the spray paint version holds up better, especially if you use 2 or 3 coats. The painted faucet is just a quick temporary fix, but it also gives you a chance to find out what you want when you’re ready for a permanent solution.  You can paint the faucet, bronze, black, pewter, gold, silver…… Find out what floats your rubber ducky of happiness.

Final Thoughts

What do you think? Do you feel like changing your faucets would give your home a needed beauty boost? As I told you a couple of weeks ago, I’m working on my bathroom remodel.  I have found the faucet that I want for my sink, but I’m still holding out to find the perfect shower faucet. I just can’t imagine the makeover being successful without changing the faucets.  When I find that perfect shower faucet, you’ll be the first to know!

Happy Updating!


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