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· What To Do In The Aftermath of Decluttering To Stay Organized ·

February 28, 2016 0 Comments

Have you ever had an, "OMG my Mama is Coming over here right now" panic attack? Well cussing might make you feel better but isn't going to solve the problem, so let's grab a seat and let's talk about it!

I love my Mama, but that woman can send chills down my back when I get THE CALL on an early Sunday morning.  You know the one, “Hey, I just decided to jump in the car and drive over 300 miles to pop in UNEXPECTEDLY, be there in 30 minutes!”  I used to have nightmares about this happening until I learned to be organized……. and discovered wine.

To me, being organized includes so much more than having a budget, keeping a schedule, or having a linen closet so neat that Martha is constantly calling me. It’s about being “picked up” as we call it in the South.  For you that aren’t lucky enough to be raised Southern, “picked up” falls somewhere between you could eat off my floors and don’t open that!

Don’t Mess Around

Being “picked up” is easy, it’s staying that way that can be challenging.  So I want to ease you into it. For the next few Sunday’s I will post a new tip and share some motivational advice.  Let’s deal with it now, before you get that call.

The Order of Things

I’m not going put the tips in any particular order because they are all important ways to keep you organized after you have decluttered. Because you do have to declutter first in order to achieve Picked Up Status. I’m sorry but every method has it’s rules and that’s a biggie you just can’t fudge.

Checking It Twice

Organization Tip #1 – If you don’t love it, get rid of it

It just that simple….well, unless it’s financial records……. and your workshop.   But let’s assume that we are talking about the stuff in your home. Furniture, pillows, pictures, do-hickeys, tinkets, tchotchkes.  Thinning the herd makes it so much easier to keep up with and pick up your stuff. Beautiful things serve a purpose (ohhh, there’s a hint for another tip coming your way!).  They make you happy, bring back memories and make your home environment….beautiful. But too much beauty becomes a burden, there’s a lot of primp work that goes along with it, and I don’t know about you, but if I can’t motivate myself to dust it, it doesn’t stay too long around here. So take some time this week to look at your dodads, then look at them again. Is it true love or are you just clinging to the hope that someday a spark will reignite?  Sorry folks, but when organizing, where’s there’s only smoke you can’t see the fire.  In other words, too many things takes your focus away from the things that matter.

Be Honest With Yourself

Once you have tackled Step One, you are well on your path to being Organized!  Feel good about yourself!  You can now answer the phone and tell your Mama to meet you at the local Golden Corral for breakfast, cause you’re almost but not quite ready for her to see your house.  It’s okay, they have the best breakfast buffet!  Then distract her with a junkin trip around town, by the time you do that, it’s time for her to head home and we can advance to Tip #2!

Do you have any advice to add to the Love It or Get Rid of It Rule?

Happy Organizing!




February 28, 2016

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