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Bed Pillows – Confessions Of A Pillow Pusher

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February 23, 2015 5 Comments

Every morning it’s the same thing,  “Why do we need all these pillows???”. And then it’s, “Why do we have to have pillows we sleep with and pillows for the bed.”  After 15 years of marriage, you’d think the man could come up with some new material as if asking the question is going to change his world or something.  Silly, silly man. I can’t believe I have to explain the difference between bed pillows and sleeping pillows.

bed pillows

 Lusting Bed Pillows

I don’t get it….. seriously who could have a problem with lots of fluffy snuggly pillows on a bed? Granted, you aren’t allowed to touch these pillows, but doesn’t it make you WANT to.  Bed pillows are like a short skirt on a beautiful woman.  It enhances and shows off her great body, but it doesn’t serve any real purpose other than to make you drool. Short skirt on a beautiful woman….bed pillows, same thing!  Our bed pillows are there to admire and dream about, but if you dare to touch, you’re a dead man!  We have tired middle aged pillows to sleep with…..DEAL!

bed pillows
Also, I just love vintage linens, and the only place I can satisfy my devotion on a king sized bed is with pillow cases and the occasional bedspread. So, an extensive collection of vintage pillow cases requires a large number of bed pillows.  See how easy that is to explain.
 master bedroom

 Or Is It Love?

And, I love how quickly you can change the mood in a room with a change of linens.  You can be all happy and Spring like by adding touches of lavender and yellow to your bed, or elegant with Chenille and grays.  Then there is the freshness of all white or the touch of romance with pinks.  Every week our bed reflects my general mood and shows off more of my vintage linen collection.

Final Thoughts

 But back to the beautiful woman, uh bed pillows. If that man thinks that he can just go off and sleep with our bed pillows, he has another think coming! If he even looks like he’s thinking about it, I’ll kill him.  He’d better start appreciating his tired middle-aged sleeping pillows.  They’ve put up with his snoring, bouts of cold and flu and the occasional nose bleed for years! So, he’d better keep his eyes forward and stop drooling over those firm bed pillows, or he can just sleep on the couch! No, wait.  Not the couch, I’ve got some awesome pillows on there too.
– Happy Junkin!


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    June 21, 2015

    I just found you via Patti Fields. You are a hoot! I have two blogs that are both terribly neglected. Anyway, I take it you are much younger than me as I have 4 grown kids and 3 grandmonsters. I'm starting to ramble so I'll just get on reading your blog now. Kelly

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    Chris Ward

    March 7, 2015

    Thank you SO much!!! I was beginning to wonder if any reads my blog.

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    March 7, 2015

    Chris I love seeing the pictures of your home. They have spurred my creativity on several occasions

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      April 7, 2017

      Thank you very much! I’m so sorry for the late response.

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