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Celebrate Easter – 5 Fun Ways To Get Your Easter On!

April 6, 2017 1 Comments

I adore holidays that encourage; family, food, decorating and fun! Ok, so that’s all American Holidays, I don’t dwell. And our family puts it all out to celebrate Easter! Decorated baskets, chocolate, Easter lunch, The Hunt, chocolate, the eggs, chocolate, those cute little marshmallow peeps, and chocolate! Since our family seems to produce the world’s cutest girls with a stray boy now and then…..the dresses are a big deal too.

So, just in case you’re a huge Easter nut too, I’ve gathered the best ideas from across the internet and Pinterest to share with you.  I’m just all sharey like that. Welcome to Faded Bluebird’s Easter Celebration!

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter

To celebrate Easter properly, you need five categories; Pictures, Decorations, Food, Baskets and, Activities. Now, none of these should cause panic! They are easy, and with me at the helm, low cost.  I let nothing dull my Easter sparkle!

celebrate easter

The Easter Photo Shoot

Where have these ideas been hiding?  I can’t wait to get Sadie to sit still long enough for me to bury her in plastic eggs wearing a diaper and bunny ears.  Flash forward to the payoff when I get to whip those pictures out for her future fiance.  Paybacks baby, paybacks.

We usually try to get our pictures taken before the big event.  Otherwise, if we wait until Easter, the dresses will look like an episode of, “Name That Stain.” Plus asking them to take pictures just before THE HUNT is just begging for trouble.  Otherwise, I will be standing in between 3 girls and their eggs, not somewhere an intelligent woman wants to be.  Don’t let an opportunity for adorableness overload and future blackmail pass you by.  Break out that camera or cell phone.

celebrate Easter

Source – 1. iliasis Munoz Photography 2. Sandra Bianco 3. Fonta 4. E. Bailey Photography 5. unattributed 6. Joni Express

WARNING PET PEEVE – I do have something to say about Easter pictures, however.  As a proud owner of rabbits, it bugs me when people buy rabbits and chicks for their children at Easter.  Please understand that they might be cute now, but eventually, the cute factor moves into full-blown adulthood.  Don’t buy these animals unless you are fully prepared to care for them! For their natural lifetime.  That’s it!

Easter Decor

Easter is the first holiday in the Spring!  And I just worship Spring! There are so many wonderful ideas to decorate, that I just can’t share them all!  But, you can check out my Pinterest Board Easter to see what I drool over.  In the meantime, here are some of my favs!

celebrate easter

Source – 1. Hometalk 2. Hometalk 3. Faded Bluebird 4. Uncommon Design 5. Faded Bluebird 6. An Everyday Occasion 7. Vibeke Design 8. French Garden House 9. Get Creative Juice

Notice I slid a couple of my pictures in there? I couldn’t help it; I think my plates turned out so cool!  You can find out how I did it on my Projects page.

Easter Lunch

Easter lunch is sacred.  It’s always a ham, deviled eggs, and a strawberry dessert.  The rest is up to the mood of the cook.  And since this isn’t a food blog, and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, I’m sharing recipes from some great bloggers.  Check out these recipes.

celebrate Easter

  1. Fresh Strawberry Cake from Spiced.   2. Southern Style Mustard Potato Salad from Its Yummi   3. Southern Style Green Beans from Gonna Want Seconds   4.  Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots from Lil Luna  5.  Homemade Easter Bunny Rolls from Platted Cravings   6.  Classic Deviled Eggs from Pinch My Salt

Is your mouth watering yet?  You might have noticed I didn’t add a ham, cause anyone with a grandma has a great ham recipe.  But just in case your grandma won’t share, try the Baked Ham with Pineapple Brown Sugar Glaze from RotinRice.  Are you seeing the brown sugar theme going on?  I just assumed it wouldn’t be a problem.

Easter Baskets

I’ve had some lean years and this one is lining up to break my personal record, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a beautiful, stylish Easter! Because I’m all about reusing Easter baskets and plastic eggs.  I have enough plastic eggs in the attic to turn the Easter Bunny green. But if you’ve been caught unprepared, let me share some ideas.

celebrate easter

Source: The Good Stuff

How about decorating a plain paper bag?  Or some small metal buckets, maybe a few canvas bags for under $2 at Craft Stores.  Give your littles one’s some magic markers and watch the magic!  But, if you have your heart set on a basket, check with a local thrift store.  You can often get them for under a $1. But believe me, after 3 Church Easter Egg Hunts my girls prefer to take pillow cases.  They take this stuff seriously.

I like adding some candy, (chocolate bunnies and Peeps are a must!) but not too much.  And since we’re all about the real deal eggs and plastic around here, I need filler ideas.  I’ve let Jennifer at The Jenny Evolution do all the heavy lifting; she’s put together an incredible list of non-candy items that I can easily find at the Dollar Stores or can make at home.

But what I love, is that my girls are more interested in coloring eggs and hunting them (over, and over, and over) than they are about the extras.  The extras are really for me, it makes me happy to give them.

celebrate Easter

Easter Activities

So, you’ve eaten, and the eggs have hidden for the 6th time, what’s next? How about some games to keep the kids occupied?

  • Egg & Spoon Races
  • Pin the tail on the Chalkboard Bunny
  • Bunny Hop Races
  • Easter Egg Toss

These should keep them busy for hours.  Time enough for you to rest up because Mother’s Day is just around the corner!!

Easter Roundup

Did I give you enough to think about?  I’ve got to get busy, the girls seem to be fascinated with that green slimy stuff and I need to make a batch to glop into their eggs.  I might have future scientist consequently I wouldn’t want to stunt their futures!

Leave me a comment and tell me about your favorite Easter Memory! My family wishes yours a blessed Easter.

Happy Easter!



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