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Changes Are Coming….But Why??

February 5, 2017 2 Comments

I’ve done it.  I made my Blog get a job.  It was just laying around being all cute……but totally bumming off me. What could I do? I’m on a strict budget and this was becoming ridiculous. Being a blogger isn’t free, okay it could be, but I like having the kind of platform, look, content, pictures and apps that I think would be helpful to my readers. And that isn’t free or even cheap, so some changes had to be made.

Big Changes

And I have to admit, I like money. It allows me to pay our bills, put gas in our Blazer, food on the table, and occasionally my butt in a dentist’s chair. As a single income family of a state employee with shrinking health benefits, it’s become a thing…chasing money I mean.  So, along with my Junkin, I’ve become an Amazon Affiliate. But before you cringe and leave, let me defend myself!!

Why Did You Do It???

Well, for several reasons.  My aforementioned shrinking budget and the appreciation of my teeth.  Plus, I’ve been asked numerous times, where can I buy???? I’ve been asked where to buy my cleaning ingredients in bulk, or where to find certain food ingredients.  I’ve been asked about my Essential Oil preferences, whether I prefer one brand to another, and my personal favorite….where did you get those jars in the background?  So from now on, you will see a link back to Amazon as a source to find some of the things that I will be posting about.

For Example

Cream of Tartar

I use a lot of Cream of Tartar, to find it in bulk, click on the link.

See the little blue Cream of Tartar link underneath the picture?  That’s it.  That’s all I’m asking you to handle! I promise you now that I will never allow pop-up ads, or 15 ads you have to scroll past to finish reading my posts.  I won’t do that because as a blog reader myself, it bugs the holy……well, you get the idea.  I do hope to sell some sidebar ads in the future, but that’s a ways away, and it still won’t get in your way.

So, You’re Being Two-Faced About Frugality?

NO! To be totally open, I will continue to live my beautiful frugal life.  I will junk and buy locally when I can. Dollar Stores will continue to be on my radar, and I’ll always check with Thrift Stores, garage sales and other sources for stuff I want.  AND I will continue to share that with you as well.

But, I’m also an Amazon Prime Member for a reason.  Because I enjoy the free access to movies, books, music and FREE 2 – DAY SHIPPING.  I buy some of my stuff cheaper and in bulk on Amazon.  I can find things that I can’t find locally.  And some of the things that I have in my house that I’ve been asked about, (background lurking, lol) that I found at a garage sale?  Well, I can give you a link to find it or something similar on Amazon.

And being the obsessed person that I am, I understand falling totally in love with the bottle in the picture of my homemade lemonade syrup.  Then not being able to sleep wanting and eventually tearing the world apart trying to find it.  So, I decided why not try to make a little money helping you find the bottle that you want?

When Will This Sacrilege Begin?

Well……. now.  It won’t interfere with my posts, but if I’m talking about comparing types of sheets, (upcoming post), I will add a link source to each type of sheet.

choosing sheets

I will always encourage you to Junk for it!  You will continue to find my tips for living a beautiful frugal life because I intend to keep living it myself. Because I still honestly believe, and hope that I can inspire you to believe as well, that you can have a beautifully decorated home using pennies.  And that you can live an exceptionally comfortable and quite often happier life being thrifty.   But if you can’t find what you need or want locally, or it’s time for a quality upgrade (like my new 6 ft round natural rug….junkin money splurge item!), or as cheap as you need it….. I’m happy to give you a resource to do some more research.  And if you happen to click on my provided link and purchase, I get a finder’s fee.  Win/Win.

Thank you for sticking with me, and I hope you continue to visit Faded Bluebird! Let me know what you think about the new change.

Happy Sunday!



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    February 8, 2017

    I totally understand where you are coming from and thank you for being honest about your finder’s fee. You are helping others save money and there is no reason why you shouldn’t profit from your great suggestions. Like you said, people WANT to buy the products you recommend anyway, so there is no need for guilt. 🙂

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      February 8, 2017

      Thank you for that! But as a Mom, I think guilt was injected into my DNA at my first child’s birth, lol.

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