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Christmas Decorating – Why Do We Do It?

December 11, 2016 0 Comments

I love Christmas decorating. After my birthday, Christmas is my favorite holiday. There’s something so magical about Christmas and the decorations that come with it. But by hour 6, you’ve got to wonder sometimes, ….why the hell am I doing this?

Christmas At Faded Bluebird

christmas decorating


Why, oh why do we put ourselves through this year after year? Because there’s nothing more fun than Christmas decorating. Because you love the holiday and what it brings with it; childhood memories, school programs, church plays, and the renewing of our belief in the kindness of people. You do it for; Santa, the awe of lights, chocolate overload and peppermint everything.  And because you get to change things up for awhile and no one complains about it….much.  You do it to celebrate the love and acceptance that this holiday stands for.

christmas decorating

You do out of the faith that Christmas can bring miracles.  Such as your Mr. Scrooge of a boss smiling at your Jingle Bells dancing poodle with the Santa hat. He actually SMILED!!

Christmas decorating makes people happy.  I know I’m happy when it’s finally finished, LOL!

christmas decorating


You do it because a handful of pine and some nandina berries makes you want to bake something deliciously fattening that you can give as gifts to your obnoxiously slim friends that brag about their yoga positions.

You do it because it wouldn’t be Christmas without the decorating bling.  And because there is something truly satisfying about listening to your husband grumble as 11 tubs, 3 sacks and 4 boxes of trees come down from the attic. And the joy it brings when you have to send him back up there for the lights! And again later for the front door wreath. Priceless entertainment!

Christmas decorating

You do it because Christmas decorating brings it’s own projects and junkin opportunities each year!

The 12 Days Of Christmas Decorating

christmas decorating

Nah, it doesn’t take 12 days to decorate, not even at my house. But sometimes it feels like it.  Gathering berries, pine cones, pine branches, picking out a tree….fluffing the artificial trees, de-balling the string of lights (what the heck goes on in the attic the rest of the year that they get tangled like that?), and be-ribboning everything that stands still long enough.

christmas decorating

I am ashamed to admit that these pics are only the tip of a massive Christmas iceberg.  And I will be adding more to My Home page throughout the week, (you can also find pictures of last year’s Christmas Decorations).  But, until the sun shows it’s face again so I can get some better pictures,  I want to give you one last reason to decorate for Christmas……..because in the eyes of my girls, this is the most magical time of the year.

christmas decorating

And anything is possible……….

christmas decorating

even finding out I have a future Decorating Diva on my hands.  I’m going to have to keep my eyes on her, she can strip the crystals off the tree faster than I can spot a french chair at the flea market.  The girl has skills!

Merry Christmas!

-Chris & Company



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