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Christmas At Home, The Full Tour

December 16, 2016 0 Comments

Obviously Christmas decorations make me happy.  What can I say…..Christmas is made for excessive decor bling. And I always answer the call.

I prefer to use real trees, but I can’t always afford to do so, that’s why I have 11 tubs, 3 bags and 4 boxes of Christmas stuff in the attic.

The only rooms I don’t decorate are the bathrooms, but I’m always afraid that it will slowly creep in there.

Being a Diva on a budget, I depend on the Christmas stuff that I’ve gathered over the years, materials I can gather for free such as pinecones, and free pine branches from Lowes.  They let you take as much as you want of the branches that left after then trim the trees their customers buy.

I wish the Christmas season lasted a little longer, because the house feels kinda empty when this all gets taken down, packed away and/or composted.

But until then, I have had fun with this year’s Christmas Projects.

And I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with my family.

Our family wishes yours a very Merry Christmas!




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