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Cleaning Tips – Cause It’s The Maid’s Century Off

May 21, 2015 0 Comments

When I lived at home with my parents, my dad hired a housekeeper to help keep my mom sane.  BIG MISTAKE! First of all, I think she spent more time cleaning the house before the housekeeper arrived than ever before.  It horrified her that a stranger (i.e., guest) coming into her home might see dirt. Then there was the possibility that photos might be sneaked out and sold to the National Enquirer.  My Mama became so stressed, the housekeeper thing didn’t last long. Which was sad..for me!  That woman cleaned my room, so I didn’t have to anymore.  So I continued my career of cleaning my own messes….yah.  But the experience helped me to develop some cleaning tips I can share with you! 

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Cleaning Tips Maid To Order

Since no one is going to offer to hire a housekeeper for me anytime soon, I waffle along without the services of a professional.  My cleaning routine is to pick up after ourselves during the week, then on Saturdays, it’s bathrooms, kitchen, floors and laundry.  

If I want to have a life, I try to get all these things done by 11 am, but you know how that goes! Something always pops up, and my schedule goes to hell.  

But that’s my life; I’m sure yours is much more structured! I put together an odd selection of cleaning recipes based on my cleaning journey last week.  What can I say?  I’m easily distracted.  Check them out and let me know what you think. 

Cleaning tips -Soft Scrub

I clean my kitchen sink every day, but I give it a double dose of goodness at least once a month, using my homemade soft scrub.  Then pour  1/2 c. of salt down each drain. Add 2 T. dish soap to boiling hot water and pour it down as well. Wait 15 minutes and flush with more hot water.
Then to freshen and sharpen the garbage disposal I grind ice cubes and fresh lemon slices.  Don’t forget to clean the rubber guard, using a toothbrush and some more soft scrub.  PS!  You can use this soft scrub to buff out utensil marks on your white dishes! 

It’s Hard To Find Good Staff

Sometimes old wood furniture needs a spa treatment.  Old wood pieces should be cleaned and nourished from time to time, so try this recipe.

Cleaning tips -Magic Furniture Potion
I use 3/4 c. Organic walnut oil to 1/4 c. of orange vinegar.  Mix well and using a clean, soft cloth, apply a little muscle.  Take a look, you can OHHHH & AHHHH now!  

If you are wondering how to get orange vinegar..well you make it of course.  To find out how to make your own, click HERE.  You could use plain old boring white vinegar, but orange vinegar is better!  The oil in the peels makes this a powerhouse cleaner. 

The Butler Moved To Miami

Recently I posted how to clean vintage Silverplate.  It’s all about chemistry.  I use an aluminum tray, but you can line a large bowl with foil.  Sprinkle the bottom generously with baking soda and salt, add very hot water and stir. 

For silverware, you can just throw them in the bottom and watch the tarnish lift, then wipe it clean.  

cleaning tips - silverplate

For a large piece, you can’t fully submerge,  lay each side in the mixture.  Use an old cloth and buff it.  Dry it and bask in your reflection! 

Final Thoughts

Now how is that for a weird collection of cleaning tips! Do you have a favorite cleaning recipe?  Want to share?  Leave me a comment!

Happy Cleaning!


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