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Corner Decorating – Meet Your Challenger

February 16, 2017 2 Comments

Nobody puts Baby in a corner.  Why the hell not? Throw a lampshade on her, she’ll be fine. But unfortunately that’s not really an option when it comes to corner decorating.  She’ll want to move eventually.  So, what do you do?

Corners can be a nightmare. They just seem to sit there daring you to decorate them.  But the really cool thing about corners is…..you don’t always HAVE to decorate them.  But if you feel the need, I have gathered some great intel!

The Decorating Cornerstone

I admit it.  I’m a “have to decorate the corner” person. I can’t stand an empty corner in my home.  There has to be something there. I will also “make” a corner when I feel one is needed.

corner decorating

Corners are like the period at the end of a sentence.  It’s to let you know that you can stop now, because other stuff is just around the corner (sorry, had to do it).  I need that period.  Take my kitchen, I had to do something with the sudden stopping of my kitchen counters when my countertop turned the corner and continued.  So I built a corner using decor and rounded off the edge to make the countertop feel continuous.  But I’m babbling. What about the corners you already have?

What’s The Angle?

I’ve told you more than once that I have a problem with big empty spaces.  And to me, that’s what a corner feels like.  A big empty thing taking up precious floor space.  It must be utilized!  Now being a happy ametuer and not a professional decorator by any means, I’m going to share my thoughts about corner decorating.

corner decorating


In my opinion it boils down to one very important element.  Height.  I want height in the corner.  Then just build from there.  And remember the elements of a vignette; differing heights, textures, and odd numbers of pieces.  Let me show you some examples!

Make Your Point!

corner decorating

Elsie at A Beautiful Mess rocked this corner.  She used a gallery wall to give the corner height, then used the elements of a vignette for the big finish.  Differing heights, check.  Different textures? Wood, glass and metal…..check!  And with the 3 different elements she has an odd number.  Add a couple of chairs and you have a beautiful and function corner.

Here’s Another one!

corner decorating

Source: Ashlee Raubach via Pinterest

She nailed it! Height, texture and an odd number.  What more could any corner ask for? And I love that she didn’t just put them IN the corner.  Just used this vignette to soften or round off the corner.  And using such open plant stands, the space still has depth.  It looks open and roomy.

 Corners Are Just A Diamond In The Rough

Have I convinced you that corners aren’t really that hard?  Not yet?  Okay, here’s some more ideas for corner decorating to smooth over that rough spot.  As well as tall houseplants and art to add the heighth, think about using; architectural elements, ladders, shelves, bookshelves, chairs, corner cabinets, hanging light fixtures and grandfather clocks (I’m a big fan, lol).  Or combine several elements. Then use your vignette rules to build a happy corner.

corner decorating

However you choose to decorate your corners, if your home is small like mine, try to make the space functional as well as beautiful.  So if you ever find yourself being backed into a corner, you can sit down, take a load off and enjoy the peace!

Happy Decorating!



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    Mary Ann Read

    February 17, 2017

    Funny and insightful!

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      February 17, 2017

      Thank you!!

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