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Curbside Finds – From Trash To Fabulous

April 17, 2017 2 Comments

Curbside finds are my bread and butter, both financially and for my home decor.  As an obsessive decorating diva on a restricted budget I have to get creative, so I use my junkin skills to offset my income and to provide me with the means to decorate my home.

But curbside finds are pure gold.  It’s like winning the lottery.  I get a project and either money in my pocket or a chance to add something new to my home.  This past week, I scored!

Curbside Finds = Free Love

curbside finds

Curbing isn’t always easy.  Most people put actual trash on their curbs and nothing but trash.  You can spend hours and gallons of gas looking for something fabulous. But the effort is so worth it when you score. I’ve found; barrister’s cabinets, Mid-Century Modern pieces, real crystal, chandeliers, building supplies and a pissed off rat.  The rodent thing wasn’t a happy curbing moment for me, but my friends enjoyed it.

This Friday I found a small flat box TV armoire, a tri-mirror frame from a chest of drawers and a deer statue. And here’s the best news, they all sold by Saturday night.

Project #1

The TV armoire was an easy project for me.  It was a wooden shell just waiting for some attention.  Through curbside junkin, I’ve found tons of building supplies. From trim to beadboard I always pick up construction left-overs, cause you never know!

curbside finds - bookcase

I removed the paper fiberboard back and replaced it with beadboard.  Added a sturdy wooden shelf and piece of trim.  A little left over custom Chris’ Cream paint and wah la! (southern phonics).  It took less than 2 hours and sold within 15 minutes of posting.

Project #2

For me, this was a no-brainer.  I could have sold it as is, but I made a bigger profit selling it as……a chalkboard! We cut, and by that I mean, the manly man who won’t let me use power saws anymore due to an unfortunate incident cut plywood to fit the frame.  I painted the frame while he grunted and mumbled.  A few coats of chalkboard spray paint and I attached the boards to the frame.

curbside finds - chalkboard

Oh BTW, you need to “season” a chalkboard for its maiden voyage. Using the long side of a piece of chalk, color the board,  erase, and it’s ready for use.  I couldn’t help but christen this board.  Again this project sold quickly.

Final Thoughts

And the deer statue?  I didn’t even get a chance to snap an after picture. It was the heaviest piece I’ve ever picked up.  I had it up for sale with no takers for a week, but then I spray painted it white this Saturday and sold it within minutes to a lady who is going to use it as jewelry display in her booth.  I LOVE junkers!  With these items, I made over $150.  Although, I have to admit…the buyer for the chalkboard might have to pry it out of my hands first.  And hey!  If you want to learn more about curbing read my post, “Curbside Shopping – 411 For Beginners”.

Happy Curbing!




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    April 17, 2017

    Where do you post your items that you are selling?

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      April 17, 2017

      Hi Cindy. I sell on Facebook Marketplace. Right out of my garage. Thanks for asking!

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