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Naked Windows – Is It Curtains For You?

September 8, 2014 0 Comments

Have you ever had the naked dream?  You know the one I mean, you’ve just accepted the Oscar for Best Actress or you’ve just been named CEO of some Fortune 500 only to realize that you are standing there totally naked.  That is exactly how I feel about a room without a window treatment…..my windows are naked and the whole wide world is focused on it! It’s curtains for me. (had to do it!).

 Curtains Cover Those Flaws

My home was built in the early 1980’s, luckily before they decided that each neighborhood should only contain 5 different house designs, but long after craftsmanship was the norm.  So I have drywall windows with a bit of trim on the bottom.  In other words…..TOTALLY BORING and naked….. and not the good naked, the boobs heading south, thunder thighs naked. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had 2 kids, both C-Section and I’m proud to carry those signs and my husband loves me, but I’m not posing for Playboy anytime soon.  And I’m not offering my naked windows up to Southern Living either! My curtains are hiding a lot of flaws.

curtain poolage

Material found at Goodwill

I dream about silk and linens, but those are out of my budget unless I can score what I’m looking for while junkin. Therefore most of my curtains are vintage tablecloths, pillowcases, handkerchiefs, or an awesome flat sheet (you can find high-end Egyptian Cotton sheets fairly easily at Salvation Army!).

High Fashion

When it comes to curtains, I have two rules; Hang them as high as you can and I want poolage!  When you hang curtains as close to the ceiling as possible it gives the room immediate height, it’s a beautiful site to see.  The room just FEELS bigger, and airy.  You get the same feeling when you use lighter materials such as thin cotton or sheers. Putting your curtains as high up the wall as possible is design magic, it tricks your eye into taking in the entire window, ALL THE WAY UP!

linen curtains

Source: Pottery Barn Linen Curtains

Now I know you have to be asking yourself, “what’s the design magic in pooling?”.   I could amaze you with some design psycho babble by saying it shows off my extreme wealth by pooling expensive silk on the floor, or I could say that it was the result of my measuring skills, but that would be a lie….okay, the measuring thing is true.  But the real answer is…. there isn’t a good reason.  Poolage is romantic, it’s the ball gown elegantly thrown across a chair draping onto the floor.  It’s a junkin, decorating, diva princess thing! Does it matter?  It makes me happy!

Be Original

curtain alternatives

Source – 1. Style Files  2. Houzz   3. Biskopsgarden  4. Debbiedoos

There are so many ways to set off a window, some don’t even require material.  Look at how amazing these windows look with a bit of wrought iron scrollwork or some wooden lacework.  All of these would fit nicely in the FBB style especially in a kitchen window.  There is nothing to hold you back, combine several different treatments; add some shutters or a roman shade behind your curtains.  And bamboo shades are making a big comeback!  You could use a valance or an awning to hide your hardware or let your hardware take center stage, it’s really all up to you.

There’s A Solution To Every Shape

No matter what shape your windows take or how awkward, there is a solution for every window!  You just might have to get a little creative.  You can find inspiration on Pinterest for almost anything.

Those bay and beautiful architectural windows can be dressed too if you’re afraid of their nudity.  But I gotta say, if you have windows like the ones above, no treatment is necessary, their beauty is enough.  I mean think about it, if Angelina Jolie has the naked dream do you really think it effects her like us regular mortals?  I mean, come on!  She probably works it like she’s on a runway in Paris, I know I would! Consider that window Angelina Jolie.

 What do you think about naked windows?  Are you ready to join a nudist colony or slap a sensor sticker all over them with yards of fabric?

Happy Junkin

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