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A home office can be a wonderful thing!  Whether you have an actual room or a small desk tucked away somewhere to pay your bills and cruise Pinterest, it’s always easier if it’s organized and ready to go!  And if you have such a space, it’s time to get it ready for the new year!

I spent some of my Saturday organizing my office, from my desk to my file cabinet and I use that word lightly.  My file cabinet consists of 3 baskets hidden in my bookcase.  If you want to see my file cabinet system, visit my facebook page.

My decluttering routine for the office consisted of:

  • Checking and refilling my pens (I love my refillable pens!)
  • Clearing out files, setting up new ones if needed
  • Shredding old documents not needed for taxes
  • Boxing up my 2015 monthly  budget packets and getting them ready for their big shining tax season moment
  • Cleaning up then backing up files on my computer

I keep a Budget Binder.  Each Month has a list of my regular monthly bills, so I can keep track of what’s been paid and when.  I have them pre-listed and as I pay them, I write down the amount, the date and the check number if I sent a check, the confirmation number if I paid on-line.  I tuck each invoice behind the list in a manila envelope with the month and year printed on it.  At the end of every month, I add that monthly budget list and any additional receipts I want to keep.

In my file basket, I have files for auto repairs, home repairs, medical receipts and one for that current year’s taxes.  As well as various insurance files and bank and credit files. At the end of the year, I gather whatever is in those individual files and put them with my monthly budget packets, box them up and wait to hand them off to some poor unsuspecting schmuck to prepare my taxes.

Yeah, then I cleaned….everything.  Be careful not to get distracted. When I went through my various cookbook files, I took a little side trip to Fantasy Island.  But it’s okay, I’m back now!

That’s it, I’m ready for a brand new year!  Do you have a favorite end of the year organizing tip from your office?

Happy Organizing!


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