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Beauty And The Decorating Budget…..A Love Story

September 29, 2014 0 Comments

I’m grateful that I’m never going to have to write a post called, “How to Decorate Promptly.”  It would consist of a few words explaining why I can’t do it. But in a weird sort of way, if I wrote it, it would probably turn into a decorating budget post anyway.

Decorating on a budget takes time….lots of time.  And patience. And whatever money you can pull together for the project.

decorating on a budget

I am on a MAJOR decorating budget, and it comes from selling junk. Or reselling stuff I bought to use in my decorating project and didn’t like or use.  Hopefully, at a profit. But I’m one of those people that have to see it in the room, and when you junk you take the chance because you can’t take it back for a refund.  And I’ve never had anyone agree to let me take their garage sale thing home and see if I like it in the room before I buy it.  I think that’s pretty near-sighted of them, but there you go.

Decorating Budget Plan

My decorating budget for the master bedroom is $300. That’s it, no more. And it’s probably more than I should spend, but I’ve managed to sell several things, so I’m ready for take off.

I’ve broken the room up into three areas, and I’ve budgeted $100 for each one.  The bed wall which includes the bed and bedside tables, the window and corner area, and the sink area of my bathroom.  I can save for months to recreate a room or even a small area like my master bedroom’s window and corner.  And I’m finally happy and finished with this area….sorta.

decorating budget

Decorating With Dimes

decorating budget

Here is the breakdown;

  • Eight hooks $16 -Lowes
  • King size sheet curtains 2.99 – Goodwill
  • Shutters $20 – Flea Market
  • Table $20 – via Facebook Sell Page
  • Chair $15 – Junk Store
  • 2 yards of pink silk material $12 – Fabric Trims and More
  • Coffee Set $5 – garage sale
  • Two drawer pulls as curtain tie backs – Free
  • Panic, Indecision, Frustration & Labor – also Free



Those Dimes Add Up Quickly

See what I mean about patience?  Dropping almost $100 on just one area of a room would never happen unless I saved for the privilege.  And the perfect junk doesn’t just come along every day, so I  wait for that as well.

That is all I have accomplished, but I still feel good about it.  And, oh yeah.  I need to hem the curtains cause it turns out that there is such a thing as too much poolage, WHO KNEW?!?!?  And I believe the pink pillow will work better if I sew it together instead of wrapping it around a pillow form, but I guess it will depend on my general mood for the next several days.

Happy Junkin

P.S. if you live in the Metro OKC area, you HAVE to visit Fabric Trims and More,  8013 S. Western Ave, OKC.  I am in love with their remnants section!

UPDATE!  If you’d like to see the finished room, visit My Home page.

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