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Decorating Mind App – Download Yours Today

May 18, 2017 0 Comments

This one I can definitely lay at my Daddy’s feet. It’s 100% his fault. When we were growing up, my Dad liked to move….a lot. It wasn’t an economic thing, he just liked to move.  So when I grew up, I was left with a little twist in my personality.  I’m a true one nester, who enjoys constantly changing up my decor to satisfy my need for new surroundings. And when that doesn’t do it, I stalk open houses to get my fix. You can read more about that in Open House Sundays.  Over the years, I’ve developed this quirky decorating mind app.  Everywhere I go, I tend to start redecorating or rearranging rooms in my head. If I go junkin, I imagine the perfect setting for pieces that I see.  It can be distracting but it is especially useful when I’m in decorating mode.

Decorating Mind App 101

 Everyone has mind apps.  Whether you are a frustrated soccer coach who runs plays in her head, or you mentally hand out tickets to other drivers, those are your mind apps. They are more than a stray thought like, “I need a vacation”.  Mind apps are the fantasies you’ve built, so well planned out you know what type of umbrella will be in your drink.  I have many mind apps, but today at least, we’ll focus on my decorating app.

decorating mind app

A Well Thought Out Fantasy

If you’ve taken the time to build a mind app, you should use it! Your skills are just going to waste if you don’t open that app every now and then and use all the data you’ve stored there.  Your mind app will allow you to totally rearrange a room without moving a thing! It will allow you to take pictures from Pinterest and visualize that gorgeous light fixture above your dining room.  Or imagine those thrift store pillows in your sofa BEFORE you buy them.

And best of all mind apps are free!  I do have to admit that my personal decorating mind app has a teeny flaw.  It appears that I’m not able to judge size very well at all. But nothing’s perfect.

Final Thoughts

Take your decorating mind app for a spin.  Try it out for 30 days.  Visualize what you want the room to be, mentally paint the wall, or move the sofa to the other side of the room.  Don’t like the sofa?  Visualize a different one.  Once you’ve finished redecorating the room, save that picture.  Then virtually live in the room to see how it functions.  These are where the tweaks happen before you have to actually move that stuff around.  Paths through the room get moved, furniture removed and replaced…..

Eventually, you will get so good that when you’re out junkin and something catches your eye,  you already know it will be perfect.

Mind apps are fun!  Later today, I’m opening my Oscar acceptance speech app.  I feel the need for the appropriate setting to wear sequins.

Happy Decorating!


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