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Decorating Woes – One Chair, Three Rooms

May 13, 2017 0 Comments

Usually, when I add a new piece of furniture I’ve found junkin, it takes the place of something that gets sold. This is how I am able to continuously update and refresh my home without stressing my budget.  Plus, it keeps me from becoming just another episode on Hoarders. But seriously, when I decided to just add this one single side chair without losing another, I had no idea I would spend half a day working it out. I fell into the decorating woes.

Here’s the culprit.

decorating woes - the chairThis was a curbside find, that needed just a little TLC.  I replaced the seat and reupholstered.  I thought briefly about re-staining it but I liked the look so much, I decided to keep the chair.  It looks so innocent, doesn’t it?  Well, let me tell you this chair nearly made me lose my sanity.

Decorating Woes – The Blindside

Decorating woes

I knew exactly where I wanted to put the chair and after I placed it, I knew my instincts were dead on.  It looks great with the other chairs around my kitchen table.  But then I was left with this great chair that I also wanted to keep, and the chair placement challenge began.  I didn’t want to get rid of any of my chairs.  I LOVE MY CHAIRS!  Which one was going to get the ax?

decorating woes - which chair gets the axe

Honestly, it didn’t take me long to decide there was no way in hell I was getting rid of one of my chairs, I just had to make room.

Chair Shuffling

So the pretty chair I worked so hard on ( another curbside find) that used to be at the kitchen table was moved into my bedroom and placed in front of my secretary desk.

decorating woes - the solution

Ta Da!  Problem solved.  Yeah, not really because I was still left with a chair.  I called friends, I restaged rooms, I took pictures, I was determined to figure this out because I love this chair too.  Then it dawned on me.

Final Thoughts

My home is around 1800 square feet without the garage.  I have limited space, but surely I could find somewhere to put a chair that wouldn’t look out of place or make my room look like a furniture store with too much stock.  I’m a bright gal, a chair wasn’t going to defeat me.  So I sat the chair down in front of the fireplace to think it through. And then a magical thing happened.  It looked really good where I sat it down.  My decorating mojo was back!  I quickly rearranged the area and a big sigh of relief followed.  My chairs all had a home.

Decorating woes - not

I did it! An entire day of chair shuffling was over and I won, I beat the decorating woes. And I make this pledge.  Never again will I decide to keep a chair without removing one.  But, I crossed my fingers while saying it, just in case.

Happy Decorating!


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