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What’s Your Design Style? Being Proud Of Who You Are!

August 19, 2014 0 Comments

Do you stay faithful to just one design style, or do you take what you like about several different styles and rock your own? The Faded Bluebird Design Style was born that way.  I had so many different elements it wasn’t one thing or another, so I decided to give my style a name.  What makes the Faded Bluebird Style unique? Well…… ME! Just like YOU are the single most important element to your home’s style or the style you dream it could be.

Design Style Personality Test

So what are you? Do you love rustic, chippy Americana furniture of the Farmhouse Style, but are still obsessed with Mid-Century Modern lamps, art, and fabrics? Are you the casual, colorful fun of Bohemian, but can’t resist a rusty industrial map cabinet? Or do you dream of pairing overly ornate French Baroque furniture with Swedish Minimalist decor? There is no one in the world like you; you are unique so why shouldn’t your home be unique too?

Want to solve the mystery of your personal style?  Then it’s time for some self-analysis exercises. First, look at your room’s decor, and pick out the things you love and wouldn’t replace.  Then using the definitions set up by professional designers, identify their style.

Secondly, pour over magazines, your Pinterest Boards or the Blogs you follow, (fingers crossed, mine’s one of them!) what elements do you appreciate?  Which ones would you incorporate into your home if you could? The wall color? Maybe you like the velvet sofa or industrial lighting?  Still having difficulty?  Let’s take my house as an example.

design style

Am I Shabby?

People have told me my style is considered Shabby Chic, and if I agreed with them, we’d both be wrong.  Shabby Chic is a beautiful design style, and I admit to stealing from it generously; chandeliers, pastels, fresh flowers, painted furniture and the soft blues, grays and creamy whites.

But I’m not a ruffle on lampshades kind of chick.   I’m not a ruffle on anything kind of chick.  Ok, I’m a total ruffle free zone.  I only have ONE quilt with little pink roses on it, and my only set of tea cups are white with a gold rim.

Am I French Cottagey?

A lot of my friends consider my style to be French Cottage, but that’s not entirely accurate either, because of my extreme aversion to cupids…..and the ruffle thing.  And while I love painted furniture, my unpainted furniture by far outnumbers the painted ones, and I tend to stick to mainly solid neutral fabrics.

But I stole several elements from this style as well; ornate mirrors, Ironstone, wood tones, vintage French style furniture, gold frames, velvet, and wrought iron pieces.

design style

Nah….I’m Faded Bluebird!

As a result of adding all those things together plus some unique touches, I came up with my personal design style. Bird cages, books, watches, alarm clocks, garden decor touches, silver trays, silverware chests and I love to create lamps. There is a straw hat on garden rabbit statue, a grapevine crown on my french bisque doll head, and a pearl and diamond brooch collar on my porcelain Russian hound.

design style

The Faded Bluebird Style reflects my family, our collections, our interests and the things that we find beautiful.  Even with all this going my style has to have a function.
I use the ironstone.  We flop on the sofa; the Highboy contains my music CD’s, our Big Screen TV sits on a Mid-Century dresser, and the drawers contain our DVD’s.  Even the recycling bin in our kitchen is a vintage 1950’s laundry hamper.

You Play The Biggest Part

Believe it or not, I read each book, and as you can see we sometimes don’t clean as often as needed! My point is we live here! My goal was for my family to walk in the door and immediately feel safe, loved, welcomed and relaxed. That is all a part of my design style too.

design style

We live, laugh and love there, consequently, there’s no place like home.  I’m sure you feel the same about your home. Whatever you choose to call your style; Ranch Glam, Farmhouse Minimalism, Hollywood Warehouse, Treehouse Chic or Industrial Glitz, it’s still home, and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. But if you are looking to define your style, why not give it a cool name?   Leave me a comment and tell me what you style is!

But if you are looking to define your style, why not give it a cool name?   Leave me a comment and tell me what you style is!

Happy Junkin!

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