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Dish Soap For The Stars

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January 27, 2016 1 Comments

My life as an earth friendly conservationist is important to me. As is my family, their health and the cleanliness of my home. And even though I teach green cleaning classes locally, I'm always on the lookout for new and improved recipes. I recently found one that delights not only my eco-conscience but fulfills it's promise of cleaning power as well.

Blockbuster dish soap…..who knew!!!  A wonderfully simple dish soap that performs well with all audiences; hard and soft water, and in hot or cold.  Plus it can change my mood depending on the essential oil blend I use.

The Cast

I simply LOVE this soap, it’s the Audrey Hepburn of dish soaps!  It’s gourmet glam in a bottle.  I have to say that The Hippy Homemaker is a genius! You can try her recipe and see her tips to make this easy and awesome soap at DIY Dish Soap That ACTUALLY Works!

One of the many things I love about her recipe is that it doesn’t require me to use something that I don’t already have on hand or that I don’t have other uses for. My frugalness won’t allow my earth friendly soul to take over, my cleaning productions have to work within my budget.  And, I don’t like using expensive Prima Donnas products that are one recipe wonders…… that just doesn’t sit right with me, they have to have a wide repertoire of credits.  But that’s not the case for any of the stars in her show, and there was one stand out that amazed me with it’s performance…….Citric Acid.  I use it in recipes, as a food additive, to clean up hard water stains and in my dishwasher soap recipe, but for some reason it never occurred to me to put it in my liquid dish soap. While Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds is a steady leading product in lots of my cleaning recipe productions, and Salt and Vinegar are constant and reliable co-stars that always bring in great reviews…. in my opinion, Citric Acid stole the show.

The Plot Thickens

This recipe rocks all by itself, but I LOVE using my own scent blends. In her recipe, The Hippy Homemaker suggests using Kosher salt if you want to add essential oils, but sea salt will also thicken the mixture to something that you are used to seeing in a liquid dish soap but not as much if you are adding essential oils.   Sometimes I really miss the smell of Mrs Meyer’s Geranium Dish Soap, but not enough to start buying soap again when it is so easy, convenient and cheap to make my own.  The Hippy Homemaker also suggests that you use no more than 20 drops of essential oil in her recipe so I have adjusted some of my favorite blends for you.

Citrus Fields

4 lemon, 4 lavender, 7 lemongrass, 3 orange and 2 vanilla extract

Floral Mint

8 lavender, 5 ylang ylang, 4 orange, 3 peppermint

Grapefruit Orchard

10 grapefruit, 5 Bergamont, 5 lemongrass

Or try these combinations 10 drops each lavender/lemongrass, lemon/eucalyptus, grapefruit/jasmine

The Credits

I’ve been using this soap for weeks now and I’m a total fan!  If I had the time, I’d set up a fan page and post pics of my soap hanging out and being seen at all the best kitchens…..but life gets in the way.  This soap struts it’s stuff in that simple way of cutting through the grease BS, cleaning my dishes and not drying out my hands that it immediately demands attention.  I must admit that it had me at “ACTUALLY Works!” and she wasn’t lying, I wasn’t disappointed.  The part of the drooling psycho fan was played by…….

Chris Ward

Happy Cleaning!

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