Faded Bluebird

I was cleaning up my picture files on my computer and ran across this picture.  WOW, this definitely demonstrates how quickly things can change around here in a couple of years. This is a corner in my front living room, let me break it down for you. 

Picture A – I got this chair at a friend’s Junk Swap just as you see it. I’ve since sold the shutters and frame in this picture and the lamp and urn have been moved to other rooms.  OH YEAH! See my prize china cabinet?  I bought that at a thrift store! 


Picture B. Some very talented friends of mine gave that chair new life!  I painted it, one friend with mad upholstery skills reupholstered the chair, while another made a new seat cushion for me.  I bought the grandfather clock at a Facebook Auction and I moved the chandelier bird stand from the office. The frame and gold magnolia wall plaques were found at a garage sale as was the small plant stand and that gorgeous vintage pillow.  As a matter of fact nothing in either picture was bought new.  It took a little less than 2 years to find everything and pull this look together, but I LOVE IT SO!

And I have a confession, Since Picture B was taken, I’ve added another piece, and changed out pillows, you never know what’s going to happen when you junk! 

I love everything that I put in my house! And I will share a secret with you….how can a Decorating Diva with AWESOME Junk Mojo super powers afford to do this with her secret identity life as a single income/tight budget career chick?   Well, it’s simple really, I sell what I no longer want on a Facebook sell site. Selling junk so that I can buy more junk, it’s a self sufficient obsession that allows me to continuously feed my addiction.  Life is good at the Faded Bluebird, but don’t blink……you might miss something!  How often you you rearrange your decor? 

-Happy Junkin!

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