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Easter Games – 15 Fun Activities For The Family

April 14, 2017 0 Comments
Easter is coming! But, am I panicking? YES! Well, I was until Julissa from Gifts.com sent me a link of some cool Easter games. Because once the hunt is over, and the girls aren’t able to convince anyone to hide the mushy eggs for the 4th time, what do you do?  I just love these activities, and six-year-old Chloe, four-year-old Lilly and 18-month-old Sadie will too. Follow her link for your Easter fun, they have print outs too!

15 Easter Games

BTW, I have no association or affiliation with Gifts.com, I just really loved the post and Julissa was kind enough to send me an intro. Sometimes it just about sharing a really good blog post!  Take it away Julissa!
There are many ways to get your Easter on but if you want to figure out how to entertain your guests, that’s a different story! Whether you are throwing a large party or want some ideas for some Easter fun around the house, there are a variety of ways to do so without having to hunt for eggs.
easter games
Gifts.com has come up with 15 Easter games for your whole family. There are printable coloring sheets, backyard activities such as the classic Carrot Toss and fun indoor challenges like building an egg tower. They’ve even included a fun bunny dessert activity, so now all you have to worry about is cleaning up!

Final Thoughts

If you want to make your Easter truly memorable for your little bunnies, get involved in these activities!  There is nothing your children enjoy more than watching Mama and Daddy being silly.

My girls and I wish your family a Happy and Blessed Easter! May the eggs be plentiful, and the chocolate rich. May the coloring eventually come off your fingers, and you the winds keep your dress around your knees.

Happy Easter


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