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Estate Sale Blues

· My Estate Sale Pet Peeves ·

March 23, 2016 0 Comments

I went to an Estate Sale in my neighborhood this weekend and ran smack into my some of my biggest Pet Peeves……. and they might not be what you think.

Show Me the Money

High prices at an Estate Sale don’t actually bother me that much, nor does being asked to pay sales tax.   I mean, I don’t like it, but they have a right to try to get the best price they can for their loved one’s stuff. And just because I’m looking for a major deal doesn’t mean they have to provide it. You never know what expenses the family is facing and this might be the only means they have to alleviate the debts that have been left behind.   But I do think it’s a good idea to have at least one person present that can be approached with a respectable counter offer, or to have the ability to leave a reasonable bid with your contact info.

When Did Being Rude Become A Thing

let’s face it….being rude isn’t going to get you anywhere as a buyer but the constant experience of being ejected from some of the best junkin places. Neither is it pleasant to go to an Estate Sale with really surly staff who make it obvious that they would rather be having a root canal….and at some Estate Sales, a root canal sounds like more fun!

The Iiiicccckkk Factor

I hate walking into an Estate Sale and being hit with the fact that they just couldn’t be bothered.  No personal items were removed…the shampoo is still in the shower, the medicine cabinet is full, makeup is on the vanity, underwear is in the drawers, the remote is on the unmade bed and dirty dishes in the sink.  And me being me, I immediately visualize the previous homeowner being carried away in an ambulance, or even worse dying while washing those dishes….just…where…I’m…standing!  I feel like a voyeur and a vulture at the same time.  I don’t hang around these type of Estate Sales for long, because I really don’t need some ticked off ghost latching onto me and following me home!

Family Ties

The thing that absolutely gets to me and causes me to talk about them long after I’ve left is the lack of respect for the deceased.  I have seen things that just make me sad.  Personal photo albums, scrapbooks, awards, medals….I’ve even seen the flag that once draped a soldier’s coffin up for sale.  I don’t have an answer for what should be done with these items if the owner didn’t have any remaining family and that in itself is very sad. But when the family is present and actually running the Estate Sale and these items are up for sale…..I just want to cry.  And for me crying is not only unattractive it doesn’t put me in a mood to buy anything.  I just don’t understand why these things aren’t being kept by the family.  I hate admitting to being judgmental…..but there you go, proof that I’m not perfect if you needed it.  I feel awful about it, but I’m only human.

It’s just that I can imagine the whoopin my Granny would give me if we held an Estate Sale when her time comes and I allowed people to rummage through her bloomers! It’s like I’m also selling her dignity along with her Pyrex. She can barely say the word bloomers out loud without blushing!  It just gives me the creepy crawlies going to an estate sale and finding someone’s hair still tangled in the hairbrush and wondering to myself how I would feel if this was my stuff…….. then I beat a path out the door and remind my kids that I love them, and remind them that I would totally haunt them if they did this to me! Then I go home and clean everything!

I’ve told you about the Bad and Ugly concerning Estate Sales, so what about the Good?  Well………it’s an Estate Sale, it’s that enough?

Do you have Pet Peeves concerning Estate Sales?  What are they?

Happy Junkin!


March 23, 2016

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