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Fall Chores

September 1, 2016 1 Comments

I was young when my chore career began.  At the time, the words “child labor laws” would bounce around my resentful head every time I was given a chore.  Little did I know that my parents were trying to prepare me for future homeownership and I never did tie in the fact that the more resentment I displayed the uglier the chore. And after becoming a parent myself I also understood that not only did they derive satisfaction from shaping responsible adults and sharing their knowledge, but there is a ton of guilty pleasure from making a surly, resentful fully entitled teenager into doing stuff you don’t want to do yourself at the time.  Even parenthood deserves it’s perks.  But I survived to do the same to my children and they will reluctantly thank me later when they have homes of their own.

My Fall List

This of course isn’t my full list, because on my personal list I have other stuff like, cleaning my mattresses, baseboards and auto maintenance, but these are the biggies most Homeowners should look into doing.


Taking It From The Top

Fall Maintainence

Just in case you don’t do the items listed above, I wanted to add some encouraging words….WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING!?!  Sorry….. my inspirational motivation delivery system wasn’t baked today so I’m going with subtly.   Each of these are really important for you to do for many reasons; safety, comfort and to save your wallet extreme stress later. The wallet saving thing is actually the biggest motivator. Saving yourself from bigger disasters, repairs or replacements later.

Adjust Your Thermostat (1)


I would encourage you to hire a professional if you don’t feel comfortable doing some of these tasks such as draining the sediment from your hot water heater, or lubing your garage door springs, or you could YouTube it!  But some are really easy like checking for a leaking toilet.

How To Check For A Leaking Toilet

Fall is the perfect time to handle some of your annual chores, and if you have teenagers it’s the perfect time to teach them the value of chores from the comfort of a porch swing. And while they are washing your windows, between the times you need to point out the spots that they missed, you can bask in the knowledge that you too can have the satisfaction of knowing that you are raising future responsible homeowners and that paying it forward does bring it’s own rewards.

Happy Fall!


PS – Don’t you just love the picture of the bathroom with a phone?  It’s like the Bat phone for plumbing emergencies, so I guess you could call the “crack line”.  Sorry. Had to do it, I’m just cheeky. BAM!

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