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Food Matters – About Faded Bluebird’s Food 411 Page

June 22, 2017 0 Comments

Why does food matter?  Because it’s about the health of your family and that’s priceless.  Food matters impact your budget, your energy, concentration abilities, job performance, and general mood.  You spend a lot of time every day on food.  Shopping for it, planning meals, preparing it, eating it, and sometimes trying to avoid its temptations.  Some of us spend more time with food than we do our spouses.  So, if you have to make that kind of commitment to something, shouldn’t you make it count?

I mean doesn’t it make more sense to put your best into it and demand an equal response from your food?

Food Matters

Although I’m not a food blog, I can’t help but share some of my tips and recipes on the Food 411 page as part of my Faded Bluebird Lifestyle….. along with my green cleaning tips too of course.  Hey!  Just be grateful I don’t include some of the more environmentally friendly sides of my life.  Like Rain Barrels, Worm Composting, Water Conservation, and Energy Efficiency!

So Why Do It?

My lifestyle encompasses so many different aspects.  From making my home feel as beautiful and comfortable as possible on the dimes I can throw together, to being able to redesign a piece of junk so I have the look and function I need.  Those are and always will be the focus of the blog.  So does it really hurt if every now and then I encourage you to be the well-rounded home manager all-star I know you are?  And by the way, I’m not just talking to the women!

food matters too

So because I care about you, I feel a need to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way to improve my family’s health and well-being.  Besides, Food 411 isn’t really a food page, it’s more like…..extra credit. It’s the little things you can do to cut down of some of the nasties like unpronounceable chemical preservatives. And if you like DIY Food, visit my Pinterest Food 411 Board for tons more ideas!

Final Thoughts

So while the majority of the readers of this blog come to see what decorating circus I’m directing at any given moment, you’ll have to suffer through the occasional food, cleaning and living stylishly frugal posts I write.  I promise it won’t hurt much. And if my kids can suffer through it on a daily basis, your brief visit should be a breeze!

Anyway, I hope that this video inspires you to visit the Food 411 Page!

Happy Eating!



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