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For The Love Of Old Pickets

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June 20, 2016 4 Comments

I have a Junkin habit.  It has caused me numerous problems in the past.  My husband once claimed that he has often wanted to say, “it’s either this crap or me”, but he was afraid of which way I’d fall.  He was silly to wonder, because I can always find another husband.  I’m kidding!  Well, I truly hope I’m kidding. Nah….I’m kidding.  But he was right, I needed to get a better handle on my junkin, my workshop was beginning to look like a really bad episode of Hoarders.  And unfortunately for him, I see potential in lots of junk.  This habit can be hard to control, it’s not like I can just stop and never go again, it’s how I decorate my home within my very small budget and the way that I’m able to release my creativity.   For instance, everything you see in this picture was acquired through Junkin.

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My Home Office

But what to do?  Well, I came up with a plan…… I will continue to Junk and buy the things that make me happy, but I will sell what I don’t need or have space for to get the money to continue to junk!  Am I brilliant or what?  This past weekend, we stumbled on 2 fence panels of old pickets and two frames in curbside trash piles.  To me, this screams FREE MONEY!

One Weekend

I sold this one

I painted and distressed the frames, cut and inserted the pickets.  Then I was off to the Sally Army (Salvation Army) to find something to inspire me and found these 3 matching baskets.  I’m really happy with the way that it turned out and I sold it within 25 minutes.

I actually received these two picket boards at a Junk Swap, but adding some details to them will help me sell them quicker.  I added a shelf and a silver tray chalkboard to the one above and a mirror that I painted to the one below.

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Out of all the projects that I completed this weekend, I really only had space to keep one of them.  I put the one below in my Master Bedroom.  These found and swapped for pickets will allow me to Junk for another couple of weeks.  I was able to satisfy my need to spend some time being creative in my workshop/husband’s garage, make some money and produce something that will grace my home and make me happy every time I wake up in morning.  Its a real win/win in my book because I’m really wanting an old wrought iron chair for my dining room table.

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Turning my hobby habit into making a little money on occasion has saved my marriage, my budget and lets me get my fix whenever I feel the need pull at me.  BONUS!  My husband has stopped complaining!  So, was it my amount of junk that offended him or the amount of money he assumed I was spending?  Doesn’t matter because he grins now when someone comes to the door to pick up one of my projects! What do you do to make extra money to feel your hobby habits?

Happy Junkin!



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    June 21, 2016

    Ha this post made me giggle!! My hubby feels the same way right now at our home. Do not bring more junk home. But today I am going to drop some stuff off at my favorite local junk store & hope to bring some home!! I will have plenty of time to hide it before he gets home from work!! I LOVE what you did with the picture frame & fence pickets!! You have great vision!! 🙂

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      June 22, 2016

      Thank you so much!!! I think all junkers have to hide stuff to keep us out of marriage counseling or you know….jail.

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    June 21, 2016

    Oh Chris. You get me.

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      June 22, 2016

      Junkers have to stick together because we’re the only ones who understand!

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