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Front Door Color – Your Home’s First Impression

January 19, 2015 2 Comments

Warning!  Amazon affiliate stuff is contained below, click at your own risk.  Don’t blame me! 

Do you get “Spring Itch”?  The uncontrollable urge to see color everywhere after months of….blah?  I can’t think of a better way to treat that itch than to freshen up my front door color.  It’s time.  I haven’t repainted the front door for over eight years, so it isn’t leaving a good first impression on anyone, myself included.

So, I did some research and OMG!  Picking a front door color is going to consist of my highest level of decision-making skills…..Eeny, Meeny, Miny Moe!

Front Door Color Quandary

Your home's first impression

I can’t decide.  My current front door is red, and I love it, the color works with the house style and sets off my curb appeal. But my heart screams PURPLE! Or maybe Orange, Blue or Gold?  How do you decide? Maybe using some color psychology found in My Color Wheel Is Stuck In Neutral could help.

Do you go with your heart or curb appeal?  Well, I guess it depends on whether you’re going to be selling it anytime soon.  If you are, go with appealing to the masses, if not, the world is your rainbow.  Go for the color that makes your heart sing! Why not, it’s only paint, and you can repaint it again.

If I’m going to repaint the front door, I want to add some bling!

Front Door Bling

Door bling, it’s like jewelry for your door. You can dress it down with simple elegance, or go out on the town with some “in your face” ornateness.  Again so many options! Amazon has some cool door knockers. But, also think about doorbells, door knobs and door plates.

front door color bling

But, as always, the vintage stuff appeals to me.  You can find old door hardware easily at Flea Markets and Junk Shows.  Old hardware has the style and patina that I’m looking for, besides I like to imagine that it once belonged on the door of a 17th Century villa owned by a handsome French aristocrat.  Uh, one that kept his head preferably.  Bad juju otherwise.

Front Door Companions

front door color - house numbers


And while I’m at it, maybe I should freshen up the House Number……?  There are so many cool ways that I can update my entry besides front door color that my head is spinning.  And look more junkin opportunities! I have to tell you; I seriously don’t think I could survive without Pinterest. What did people do before pins?  Thank goodness I’ll never need to know.

front door color

Source: Amazon

Maybe I should just do something that says Faded Bluebird lives here. A beautiful blue with a simple Hello.  Just one, or two of these ideas will make it feel like a whole new house!  I’ve gotta go, I need Royal Purple, Blue Danube, and Barn Red paint samples, then I need to do some major junkin!

-Happy Front Door Decorating

UPDATE!  If you looking for more, check out my post Elements of A Beautiful Front Door.  Ideas for creative updates.

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