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Green Cleaning 101 – The Laws Of Reaction

· Some Green Cleaning Ingredients Aren't A Match Made In Heaven ·

March 16, 2016 0 Comments

They are called Dangerous Attractions for a reason; they just don’t mix well.  Like Julia Roberts and Lyle Lubbock, Peanut Butter & Mayo or knee high socks with flip flops. It’s just wrong on so many levels.

And by comparison, Green Cleaning can be even worse.  Some natural elements when mixed can be deadly, or they just fizzle away into a dreary, meaningless relationship.  As you know any relationship on the fritz can send you diving into Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey with a backhoe while watching a Netflix Marathon of Grey’s Anatomy.  Ok, so that’s not always a bad thing, but you get my point. You just don’t want to go there while cleaning.  Check out these dudly duos.

Acidic Personality

I’ll give it to you straight; vinegar is the culprit in most cases of The Laws of Reaction.  Mixing Vinegar with Hydrogen Peroxide makes Peracetic acid, not a substance you want hanging out in your Green home…..well, any home. No, not even your worthless ex’s.  It’s a health hazard to your skin and respiratory systems and can be corrosive beyond repair to some of your surfaces.

green cleaning a cutting board

I do use this deadly duo to clean and disinfect my cutting boards, but I keep them in separate spray bottles. Spray one on, wipe well and then use the other.  Keep these two apart!

Childish Behavior

Vinegar also doesn’t play well with Castile soaps such as Dr. Bronner’s either. When the two meet, things fall apart rapidly!  The combination causes desaponificaton; the soap breaks down back to its natural oil bases.  In other words, the Castile Soap becomes a glop of ingredients again.  So instead of a Super Cleaning Duo, you have a drooling, gloppy mess. Kinda like the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Fizzling Out

Yes, I use Baking Soda and Vinegar to clean.  But I consider them separate entities working together to reach a goal and not a couple. I will sprinkle my toilet with baking soda and brush it clean, And use a vinegar and lemon juice mixture to clean the seat and surrounding areas.  They are both power players in my kit, but together they just fizzle away without leaving any kind of lasting impact.  They cancel each other out and give you nothing but slightly salty water.  Use something that will really work instead.

It’s Not A Love Connection

While others in the Green Cleaning world use Ammonia and Bleach….I’m not a big fan of either.  I don’t use them.  But just in case you do, here are the facts. DON’T EVER MIX THEM!  Unless you want to end your Green Cleaning career with a deadly cloud of toxic gas, this is a couple that even Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick can’t touch.

I’ll just put it out there; I hate bleach.  It is toxic and too dangerous to keep in my home.  Bleach doesn’t react well to so many things including my skin and lungs that it’s just not worth it.  You can’t mix Bleach with; Vinegar, Rubbing Alcohol, and as mentioned Ammonia.  You know that slick feeling you get on your skin when handling bleach improperly?  That’s the lye reacting to the oils in your skin.  The best explanation I’ve ever found about the dangers of bleach can be found HERE at BabySteps. She covers the subject well!

Back to Green Cleaning Basics

Green Cleaning is a way to keep your home as natural as possible. But I also like the simple methods when possible, and most of my recipes include as few ingredients as I can get away with using. You can find some of my recipes HERE and HERE , and I will add more so keeping looking.

Cleaning can cause enough anxiety without worrying about whether you’re going to set off a nuclear reaction, do your research and you and your family will live in a healthier environment!

Happy Cleaning!




March 16, 2016

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