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Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s Cleaning The Floors I Go!

July 31, 2015 0 Comments

I am a Conservationist by trade.  Part of my job as the Education Director for a Conservation District is to teach Green Living Classes, and one of those classes is Green Cleaning.  I love making my own cleaning supplies, it’s cheaper, works just as well if not better sometimes and I’m not bringing harsh chemicals into my home. I’m not kidding about that cheaper thing….when I started making my own, I cut my grocery bill by a 1/3.

This is my floor cleaner.  I love this mop!  Reusable microfiber cloth, refillable tank…..SWOON! This is the recipe that I use;

Add the following to 4 cups of very hot water, mix well.
1 t. Washing soda
1 t. Borax
1 t. Liquid soap (I use Dr. Bronners)

I also add these essential oils when cool:
6 grapefruit
6 lemongrass
10 tangerineThe awesome smell of tangerine just energizes me!
I’m working on floors today, so it’s time to use some Carpet Freshener.

This one is easy!  Mix Baking soda with a combination of essential oils.  I pack mine into an old Pringles container,  I punched holes in the lid and it works like a charm! Sprinkle it on your carpet, wait 30 minutes and vacuum it up.  I always shake out the filter in my vacuum cleaner when I use this.

The like 1/2 pint jars contain baking soda and herbs.  I put a scoop of lavender flowers in the two that go into my bathrooms and a scoop of peppermint leaves into the one I put in my fridge.  Recharge them once a month with additional herbs and replace the baking soda every other month.  I use the old baking soda to clean my toilets instead of throwing it away.  You can also use essential oils for these jars too, I just like using my herbs.

Happy Cleaning!



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