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Home Spa Routine – Slough Off The Old Year

January 2, 2015 3 Comments

Hi my name is Chris and I am a Clutter Control Freak. Or to use the more politically correct term, I suffer from A.C.T., Anti- Clutter Tendencies.  One of the biggest ways my disease manifests itself is through my home.  It is my oasis in an out of control world and I love nothing more than to come home and relax. So every now and then it gets a Home Spa Routine.

I can’t come home and relax if I have 3 weeks of laundry waiting to be folded or we can’t sit at the table cause it’s piled with stuff.  Also, my husband is blind so my home needs to be organized out the wazoo, but…….. life often gets in the way.  So the home spa routine begins with some decluttering.

Home Spa Routine

Home Spa Routine

I feel better when my house has been sloughed, tucked and buffed. And, as any A.C.T. sufferer worth her salt will tell you, it begins with a list.  There is nothing more satisfying to me than to make and then mark things off the list.

When I declutter, I will only tackle one room a day and this year I’ll start in the Master Bedroom.  I just finished the makeover so how hard could it be? Usually, I would go through each drawer, pull everything out of cabinets and closets looking for clutter or clothes making their last stand. I wipe down or vacuum everything including under the bed. But, I did all this prior to putting the room back together.  So I’m moving on to my bathroom.

I will check my medical kit and eyeball my supply of toilet paper, shampoo, deodorant, yada, yada, yada. What is needed goes on, you guessed it, a separate list. And since I’m already a candidate for therapy I go ahead and wipe down the cabinets again.

home spa day

Your Mattress Needs A Facial

The room is decluttered so let’s tackle the mattress.  You should clean your mattress at least twice a year, I would do it more often, but there you go with that pesky life thing again.  Although my sheets get changed once a week, and sometimes twice depending on my mood after participating in rush hour traffic, they don’t completely protect my mattress from stuff like dead skin, dust, and micro bugs. It’s always the things you can’t see that creep you out the most.  The dead skin thing is enough to make me want to pull out an industrial wet/dry vac, but a normal household vacuum will do the job too.

To clean the mattress, mix up 1 cup of baking soda with 6 -10 drops of Essential Oils.  I like to use a combination of Lavender and Geranium because it helps me to relax.  Allow that to set on your mattress while you are sending your sheets through the laundry, then vacuum it up.

Give Your Linens & Pillows A Detox

home spa day
Talking of laundry. During this whirlwind of activity is also when I wash my pillows and duvet. The pillows I will throw in the washer with some Oxy Bleach, spin them twice and then throw them into the dryer on low heat with a couple of tennis balls to fluff. If you want to know how I take care of my sheets, read Linen Lessons.

My duvet is down and requires a little extra care.  For this, I have to take it to the Laundromat because my machine is a top loader. Down needs the gentler front loader, the agitator on a top loader is too harsh.  Using a top loader is like getting a Swedish massage from an ugly, beefy dude with prison tats….not a good choice.

The Duvet Treatment

First, check for rips or holes. Believe me, you don’t want to try to sneak out of the Laundromat after your duvet explodes. Because the next thing you know, there’s a wanted poster featuring a close-up of your butt as you strenuously drag the feather trailing wet duvet out the door with the words, “do you know this woman?”.  And you just know that either your husband or your BFF will gleefully ID you.  Then you’re put on a permanent ban list, or you have to go through a security checkpoint just to enter, so check for rips or holes.

Use a gentle SOAP, not a detergent. I like to use 2 capfuls of Dr. Bonner’s Baby Mild and a scoop of Oxy Bleach since my duvet is white. Detergent or even too much soap can strip the down of its oils, and they lose their fluffy personality. Wash using warm water and make sure the Oxy Bleach powder has dissolved before adding the duvet. Rinse twice, spin twice and done.  Well, not exactly.

Put duvet in an oversized dryer set on low to no heat and throw in some tennis balls to fluff.  Make absolutely sure that it is dry or you could have a mildew problem later.  I have 2 duvets so I always have a clean one.

But the best way to protect a duvet is to use a duvet cover, and I suggest that you still wash your duvet at least every other year. Now let’s talk sheets.

Home Spa Tuck

home spa day

Source: Martha Stewart

Fast forward to your laundry being ready to fold.  I tried to figure out how to demonstrate folding sheets while holding a camera but after several interesting pics I went on the internet.  And of course, there was Martha.

My mom taught me how to fold sheets, and it really is easy once you get the hang of it. When folded properly they come out crisp and neat.

home spa day

Finish up the bedroom by going through sheets and pillowcases. Look for worn spots, rips, tears and stains. Those that can’t be saved can be donated to Goodwill because they have a contract with fabric merchants who purchase all their unusable fabric and recycle it. My sheets might be a new apron next week!  Which is a little depressing, because there’s a possibility I’ll be buying the same sheets twice.

And finally, slip small lavender soaps sporadically between the sheets, duvet covers, quilts, and pillowcases. But you’ll want to place them in a white sock first to absorb the oils in the soap so they don’t stain your sheets.

After all this, I back out of the room and shut the door.  My husband will be lucky if I allow him to sleep in there tonight, it looks that good.  I’m thinking of mounting a velvet rope to cordon off the room.  I wonder how he feels about sleeping bags on the living room floor?

What does your home spa routine consist of? Did I overlook anything?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Happy Cleaning!


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    Chris Ward

    July 28, 2015

    Thank you so much for your kind words!!!!

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    July 28, 2015

    I enjoyed your post about your routine. It is something I should model after. Love your headboard. It is soft, peaceful, and just plain beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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