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How To Handle Those Rainy Day Blues

· Rainy Day Mondays Always Jazz Me Up ·

May 16, 2016 0 Comments

I’ve always loved Rainy Days.  There is nothing like napping on a rainy day, drifting off to sleep with the sound of rain coming off the roof and rolling thunder in the distance.  One of my favorite rainy day memories is sitting on my Grandma’s porch wrapped in one of her quilts just dreaming the day away.  Of course her porch was 5 feet from the storm shelter as a reminder that Oklahoma rainy days can turn on you, but I still love rainy days.  Those are two of my favorite things to do when the whole world seems to quieten down and come to a stop, but I understand that not everyone will join my napping or rockin band wagon, so I have other suggestions for you.

Disappear Into A Book

amber14 (2)Since reading is a favorite past time of mine, I absolutely have no problems suggesting that you take the time to read a book.  You will find no better escape than into a book.  Visit your local library and take a chance on something new.  You could also loose yourself at a local thrift or used book store!  Oh, I could spend hours in my favorite 2nd hand book store; romance, true crime, cookbooks, non-fiction, biographies……

Books allow you to travel without leaving the comfort of your home or your jammies! But beware, books are magic, they have the ability to make the characters seem real to you, so don’t take it personally when Rhett leaves Scarlett, I’m convinced he comes back…on his knees, holding a diamond and maybe some roses.  Take a break and enter a new world on your next rainy day. Tara awaits you!

Tackle a Cleaning Project

CLEANDisney screwed up an entire generation.  Happily for me I enjoy cleaning, so I never had to whistle or wait in vain for a bunch of furry yet totally cute vermin to descend on my house. Neither did I wait for my prince to come wagging an entire castle staff behind him.   I have found that rainy days are perfect cleaning days since I usually don’t want to leave the house anyway.

Jobs that I have put off like cleaning my ironstone collection or dusting my library get done on days like these.  Watching the rain outside my kitchen window as I give my soup tureens a much needed bath, cleaning my silver or rediscovering a book as I dust just makes it that much more fun for me.  It’s time well spent.


Organize Something


This is the perfect time to organize something.  Your closet, junk drawer, a cabinet or an entire room.   I find that for every minute you spend organizing something you save yourself an hour later.

Take out the old unused items and set them aside to donate, then organize what’s left.  Glass jars, baskets, bins, organizers, binders, labels…..I feel dizzy already.  Once your done, you can stand back and admire how totally awesome you are!

Bake Anything

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The smell of cinnamon rolls, blueberry crumble muffins, chocolate chip cookies or bread baking makes any day worth living, but there is something particularly wonderful about it on days like these.  So for my 4th suggestion for a rainy day, I say sugar coat it and bake something delicious and really bad for your waist line! You can worry about that tomorrow when the sun comes back out to encourage you to do healthy type stuff.

Go On A Binge

Come With Me

A friend of mine got me hooked on caramel popcorn from a local business called Sweet Daddy’s Corn.  Seriously, this stuff enters your dreams at night.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a rainy day than to snuggle up with a ginormous bag of caramel popcorn, a Route 44 size Grape Slush from Sonic and either a Movie Marathon or a Netflix binge.

For Movies, watch the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy, or Harry Potter, or my personal favorites The Mummy series or Tremors!!  And may I humbly suggest for Netflix you binge watch Grey’s Anatomy, Blue Bloods, House, West Wing or Once Upon A Time.  Sure you won’t get anything done, but WHO CARES!!!  This is my time, rainy day time, it’s a gift that was given to me…… my garden is being watered, my rain barrels are filling up and I can take some time to fall further in lust with my soul mate, a drug addicted smart ass doctor.

Rainy Days were made for people like me, so I’m not going to let it go to waste.  I hope you enjoy your Rainy Day, tell me what you like to do when there’s nothing but rain in the forecast.

Happy Rainy Day!




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