Faded Bluebird

I recently saw a friend of mine who had started a wedding staging business several months ago.  Over the course of our conversation, I asked her how her business was going.  She told me that things are going so great, she is slowly expanding, trying to find more pieces to either stage or to rent for the weddings that she is undertaking this fall. Then, I saw her face light up.

“Um, hey” she said, “do you think that I could borrow some of your sugar bowls and trophies for a wedding reception I’m doing in two weeks?”.  “Sure” I said.  And this is where things spiraled out of control.

By the end of the conversation, I had agreed to think about becoming a partner because she believes I live in Wedding Reception Central.

OMG!  Don’t tell my husband!!  He’s already put me on a Pink Ban, and tells me he can feel his testosterone levels sinking.  It’s all about perspective isn’t it?


Where I see my gorgeous vintage sofa, she sees photo prop.  I have a firm rule about loaning my personal furniture out, but I did agree to THINK about being her shopper cause I almost had to pick her up off the floor when I told her that I bought this sofa at a Flea Market for $70.  She told me that she rents her sofa out for $200 a day for weddings………I think I just found some wiggle room in my “I don’t loan out my furniture” rule.  LOTS OF WIGGLE ROOM!!!  Do you think my husband’s testosterone levels will be happy with $200 a day?

– Happy Junkin




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