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Indoor Plants – Add Flair To Your Home Decor

June 8, 2017 0 Comments

Confession first.  Hi, my name is Chris and I’m an indoor plant hoarder. But I have a good excuse!!  Indoor plants bring so much to your home decor.  They bring color, texture, and life.  And they work like the devil to keep your indoor air clean and add oxygen to your rooms. Can your other decor do that?  But I won’t bore with their health and environmental benefits, let’s talk decorating!

Decorating With Indoor Plants

indoor plants

I just can’t imagine a room striking me as complete without a plant somewhere. Being from a family of dual green thumbs I prefer live indoor plants.  But if your thumb is more on the dark side of the black hole spectrum, you might consider a really good fake. Because whatever their origin plants bring life into a room. And instant happy.

Proof In Point

There are so many ways that you can use indoor plants in your decor.  A large palm or a group of larger plants can be a focal piece that makes a huge impact in a corner.  Plants can sit quietly as a beautiful tablescape or they can take up one of those bare walls that can drive you mad and give you sleepless nights.

indoor plants

They can also be used as anchors for your home style choice.  If you’re more modern nothing would suit your home better than Mothers-In-Law tongue, or a Monstera Philodendron.  Succulents seem to have lent themselves to the farmhouse look, but I think ferns, fig trees, lavender, olive trees and herbs work wonderfully too.  Feeling a little bohemian?  Add palms, palms and more palms.  Maybe a few airplane plants to fill in the gaps left by the jungle of palms.  And if you’re looking for elegant nothing is more true to that style than a string of pearls plant.

indoor plants

Source: Home Adore

My case in point is this picture from Home Adore. Take a look at the picture and remove the plants.  Does the room have the same impact? For me, it doesn’t. It’s still a gorgeous room but the plants shot this room to stardom!  That great pop of color.  The plants take the room from beautiful to beautifully lived in. It makes it feel like a home. It’s a room I could move right into straight away.  Honestly, it’s a good thing I don’t have her address.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think I could ever be comfortable living in a house without indoor plants. They are my workhorses.  They clean the air, produce oxygen and beautify each of my rooms.  But if you’re new to indoor plants I encourage you to start small and easy.  A Mother-In-Law Tongue, airplane plant or succulents are great choices for the clueless.   And plants like lavender can be easy too if you have the right conditions indoors.

indoor plants

Source: Almacen De Inspiriaciones

But even plants aren’t immune from my OCDD (obsession compulsive decorating disorder).  I really want to remove the lavender on the left side of this dresser.  Because it messes with my sense of balance.  But, I would happily put that lavender in my kitchen.  Otherwise, this home decorating diva and I are muy simpatico!

Happy Decorating!


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