Faded Bluebird

Junk Upcycling- A Faded Bluebird Fairy Tale

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January 30, 2014 0 Comments

Once Upon A Time

In a land called Oklahoma, a Junk Princess, (that’s me!) was on a mission to find some junk to decorate my modified French County castle (AKA 1980’s Ranch) that had a touch of Vintage Southern Charm. I was looking for things that would let me decorate my home on a budget but still give it style. A new junk upcycling project. But on this day I had no idea that what I would find would lead to so much more.

junk upcycling

It was a beautiful morning when my friends and I set out on another junking adventure.  We traveled far and wide and while we visited many garage sales and found several beautiful things and junk upcycling projects, I hadn’t found that one thing that made my heart sing….my treasure.  I was getting discouraged and starting to get on my friend’s nerves, when out of nowhere…. we saw a sign for an Estate Sale.  We speedily adjusted our course and several broken traffic laws later, we had arrived.

We parked within hiking distance and entered cautiously. Although we had banded together to junk, it is well known that an Estate Sale can be a dangerous place as some people lose their minds after crossing the threshold.  Not us of course, but other people.  I hadn’t taken more than 5 steps, when there, hanging on a hallway wall were these adorably cute bird décor pieces.  They looked so lonely, and everyone else was ignoring their worn, out of date, thingymajiggidiness. But for me, it was LOVE at a glance. I loved their Mid-Century gawdiness.  Although I had ABSOLUTELY no idea what I was going to do with them, I just had to have them.

junk upcycling

Stand Back…This Princess Has It!

While standing in line to pay for the birds, it came to me. Earlier that day, I had found and bought a small crib headboard for $5. And I screamed with glee when it occurred to me to put them together.  I had my junk upcycling project! I had found my treasure.  My fellow Estate Sale attendees didn’t appreciate my vocal excitement, but my junk posse celebrated with me and we became the crazies that people warn you about, but we didn’t care.  I began planning the project and couldn’t wait to get home.

junk upcycling

Junk Upcycling Adventures Begins

As soon as I unloaded, I began my new project. The headboard was cut down so that it would fit on top of the chest in my entry hall. It was painted, buffed, distressed and waxed.  Then the birds were painted and distressed, and I carefully joined the two with some screws and glue.  I labored far into the night until it was finally done, a match made in Upcycled Junk Heaven.

junk upcycling

The moral of the story?  Junk is only junk in the eye of the beholder. But in the right eyes on the right day? Junk becomes a family heirloom. My junk upcycling project did live happily ever after, but even I didn’t know that my little headboard project would lead to so much more.  When I decided to begin my own Facebook page and Blog, I used the headboard as the inspiration to describe my decorating style.  And from one junking adventure…… the name Faded Bluebird was born! Although I’m well known to my friends as changing up my decor somewhat frequently, this is one piece that I will never sell, donate or give away.  To me, this project is Faded Bluebird, and I hope that it inspires others to find their own style too.

junk upcycling
Happy Junkin!

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