Faded Bluebird

My Travels To Find The Best Junk For My Home

I am not going to say that I’m fanatical about Junkin…..but I am a HUGE fan!  I go because I love the hunt. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than finding something, taking it home and making it over to suit my needs. Making something unique out of something no body else wanted, or finding something that you can’t find in stores….something with a little more history behind it than its boat trip from China.   A gold velvet sofa, a vintage phonograph cabinet, china hutches, dressers, old jelly jars for my homemade Christmas gifts.  Finding the perfect ornate frame, or loveseat or knitted throw blanket.  Sometimes I have a plan, measurements and a list, and sometimes it finds me.  Sometimes I don’t find a thing, but I always have fun!

One of the secrets to being a successful junker is having the ability to keep an open mind and on occasion, a closed wallet.  If it’s not quite what you wanted and you can’t change it, or it is priced out of your budget…..be able to walk away.  Try not to just see what it is…..try to envision what it could be and your home will always reflect your vision. And if you stay within your budget….well your bank account will love you!

Some of my favorite finds!

I buy what I love, what will reflect us and tell a story. Sometimes once I get them home, they don’t quite work for whatever reason…..my room was bigger in my vision than it actually is, my design headed in a different direction, I found something I loved even more.  Sometimes I keep them for a while and move on, and sometimes I buy it in order to resell it, whatever the reason, those things are resold….hopefully for a profit!  I sell to make more money to junk, I need this to be a self sustainable hobby!  When I began Junkin I began with $100 and I’ve been able to spend that $100 over and over again by selling what I can’t use or no longer want.  As a matter of fact, I can afford to buy nicer and nicer pieces as that original investment has grown.

Below you find pictures of some of my favorite finds, it is proof that if you just have patience, go as often as you can you can find anything you are looking for…..even ornate french style in OKLAHOMA!  If you’re wondering what I kept, see the captions below.

Where I find Junk

I find it everywhere!  Junk stores, garage sells, auctions, flea markets, junk swaps, shows, thrift stores, hand-me-downs from friends and curbside. Just keep your eyes open and be prepared to make sudden stops junk can be found everywhere!  One of the best pieces of advice I can give you for junkin is to find like minded people.  I am a member of a Facebook group of Junkers, we share our finds with each other, post garage sale notices, sales at thrift shops and junk stores, organize junk swaps and post freebies. You can always find someone to go with you which I think doubles the fun!

Here are some of my favorite adventures!