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Don’t Suffer From Chore Leave – Kids Need Chores

January 24, 2017 3 Comments

Since the beginning, there were chores.  I’m sure Adam and Eve came up with some doozies because from my 2,000 square feet perspective, I’m positive tending the entire Garden of Eden couldn’t have been a two person job.  So chores for children were invented.  It’s not just free labor……that’s just a happy bonus.  Chores have an important, valuable place in your children’s healthy development. Here’s my take on chores.

Woodland Animals Are Tone Deaf

Giving your child age appropriate chores teaches them so much more than how to wash a dish.  They discover that they can complete a task independent of you. This gives them a sense of pride in their work. The first time my son cleaned a toilet, he guarded it like it was the crown jewels.  Thank God we had another one in the house because no one dared to use that one.

Chores perfectly demonstrate how much effort and hard work goes into a clean house.  They quickly learn that magical woodland animals (Aka, mom’s secret identity) aren’t going to come waltzing in to clean their room if they just whistle the right tune.  Then bam! All the sudden they learn the value of things.  Nothing teaches that value quicker than having to clean the kitchen table, then watch their baby sister spread butter all over it, knowing they are going to have to clean it again. That kitchen table becomes their territory, lions couldn’t patrol it better.

kids chores

Future Teachers Will Worship You

Chores teach responsibility. Honestly! If you give them a scheduled set of weekly chores, it becomes their responsibility to complete those tasks. It’s their job within the family, it’s how they contribute.  Children will see that although we each have separate tasks, each task is important to the whole. It’s team cooperation at its finest.  Everyone contributes, and every contribution is important. But better than that, it becomes a habit to complete given tasks. It’s their declaration of independence……. that you might have to force on them.

There are some great resources to help you with ideas and guidance like 30 Handmade Days post Teach Your Kids How To Do The Laundry.

chores I know that it seems easier to just do it yourself.  It may be faster, more efficient and cleaner, but you aren’t helping your children in the long run.   No one is going to come in and clean their dorm room. Bosses aren’t going to overlook messy workstations, and future spouses won’t appreciate hearing that endless whistling when it’s their turn to clean the bathroom.

Chores Aren’t About You

Chores are actually a gift that you give your kids.  It’s not about getting help, although why not, we’re parents not indentured slaves! So don’t feel guilty, you’re doing what a parent is meant to do.  You’re teaching them responsibility. How to contribute and the rewards of following through in the real world.

It’s about finding the patience to allow them to discover that they can do what’s required of them.  Letting them discover the satisfaction of a job well done.  And helping them understand that mommy and daddy can’t always be there to resolve the messes they find themselves living in.  You’re doing this for them…..I swear! Clean floors are just a side benefit for being an awesome parent. And besides, you too can have a toilet cleaning master demon.

What do you think about children’s chores? And do you tie their allowance to their chores?  Drop me a comment and let me know.

Happy cleaning!


PS – As a personal note, I do want to say that I wouldn’t recommend allowing children to handle chemical cleaning products.  It’s just advice from one chemical free – environmentally friendly mom.


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    February 17, 2017

    I have noticed a SNAFU that I cannot fix. Under my chore list it says, Feel The Pets. It should of course say Feed The Pets. I have tried to fix this several times. And while it’s correct in my viewing, I’m told that it still says feel. Let me state categorically that while I encourage you to love your pets and spent time with them, I did mean for you to ask your children to feed them, not feel them. A day in my world!

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    Amanda-sew torn

    February 17, 2017

    My four year old has chores! Laundry ( a little assist from me of course) putting her plate in the sink ( not willy nilly leaving it on the table eerrrgggg) putting toys away when they are left in non toy areas ( the living room carpet) she likes to vaccum demands to do it really ( i do it first and she wears ear muffs 😉 ) folding laundry has come a long way please dont look in her closet if u have ocd lol while im back to laundry let me tell you they find things they left in their own clothes and they get excited ohh I have been looking for this or that’s where that went. I think well i hope dearly that it will make them remeber to empty their dang pockets when they are older. Saves the washer and dry wear and tear let me just say responsible kids are happy kids.

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      February 17, 2017

      I agree!!! Your 4 year old will thank you later when she has to buy her first washer & dryer, lol! Thank you for your comment!

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