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Lemonade – Quenching Summer’s Heat

June 15, 2017 0 Comments

Did you ever have a lemonade stand? Because we lived in the country most of my childhood I didn’t get the opportunity to set up a cardboard box and hawk my version of this tarty refreshment. Instead, I had to mow our front yard for extra money.  Doesn’t sound so bad until I tell you our front yard was about an acre and a half.  If given the choice, I would have chosen lemons over Bermuda grass every time.  These days I have a lemonade stand although it’s in my kitchen, and someone else is tagged to mow!!  WHOOP.  The joys of adulthood are mine!


The Mysteries of Lemonade

The biggest mystery about Lemonade is…..there aren’t any.  It’s lemons, water, and sugar in various amounts. What could be simpler?  In early spring, I dismantle my hot chocolate bar in the kitchen to make way for LEMONADE!!!  We love our liquid sunshine around here.  Water still rules, but in the summer, we crave sweet tartness.

We are the family that our extended family whispers about.  I’m Southern, my husband is English, but neither of us can stand tea, and we don’t like sodas.  It’s sad that we had to reach across an ocean to find our soul-mates.  So, we raised our kids on water, lemonade, water, hot chocolate, and water.  Just to prove that neither genetics nor the environment plays a role in personal taste, my son will drink water these days as long as it has a flavor in it, like Kool-Aid or tea.

The Art of Lemonade

The wonderful part about this summer thirst buster is you can tweak it!  Add raspberries, watermelon, peaches, strawberries or blueberries.  I’ve even seen lavender and more adult versions with alcohol added.  And to make pink lemonade simply add enough cranberry juice to make you pucker!

lemonade bar

But if you are more of a drive-thru, instant satisfaction fanatic, you can always set up a Mix Your Own bar with the powdered version displayed in beautiful glass jars.  Add some handled mason jars, a pitcher of ice water, some glass or bamboo straws ( I like reusable, lol) that can also do double duty as a stirrer and you’re off! Oh, and BONUS ALERT.  You can make an AWESOME cake with the pink lemonade mix!

Final Thoughts

I enjoy writing these simple posts about the small things that make me happy. And Lemonade is right up there because it’s usually shared with friends and family. And although I never had a stand, I do have some great lemonade memories of my childhood.  I can’t say that about mowing.

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Happy Sipping!


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