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· Why I Love My Birthday ·

February 3, 2016 4 Comments

I celebrate Birthday Week and I am not ashamed to ask my friends and family to celebrate with me.

Every year the Anniversary of my birth comes around on February 7th, and every year I celebrate like it might be my last.  I love my Birthday so much I actually celebrate Birthday Week!  A whole week dedicated to ME!

Some people might consider this to be vain or attention seeking…..and I say, ” Yeah and your point?”.  I try to be an honest person, so here goes.  I love being me, I think I’m awesome!  What’s wrong with that?  I love my family, friends, home, job and life.  I see no reason why I should be ashamed of any of those facts.  The most important person in my life…is me because being happy with myself and taking special care of what makes me happy makes me a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and employee.  Why on earth should I let my birthday pass quietly, or set back and wait for people to remember?  I’ve never understood that.  Look at all you’ve accomplished with your life, everything obstacle you’ve overcome, every challenge you’ve had to meet, every random act of kindess you’ve received, every person who makes you feel loved, appreciated and joyous. You’ve made it this far and you deserve the recognition…..and a week long party!

Spending one week out of the year celebrating my life and the people and things that matter the most to me actually seems a little small, but I manage to restrain myself.  I ask my friends and family to celebrate Birthday Week with me by doing something kind or awesome in my honor.  I highlight my charities and post funny sayings on Facebook.  I spend time with the people that have graced me with their love and give thanks and wallow in gratitude for my many blessings.  I might reconnect with something or someone, read a good book, share good food, horde good chocolate and eat cake!  I just celebrate my life.  My Birthday is about ME.

I was given the gift of life, I won’t squander it, instead I want to be proud and shout outloud…. Today is MY Birthday!  I think everyone should eat cake!

How do you spend your Birthday?


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    February 4, 2016

    Well, I can see now that I have been doing it all wrong…

    But, like you, I do enjoy me and I love to laugh at myself and share the joy (and ridiculousness) of being me.

    (Hey, when are we getting the matching t-shirts?)

    (I have four blogs, of varying interests and frequency of posting, and I had a terrible time deciding which one to put in the blank…) (being as selectively perfectionist as I am)

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      February 4, 2016

      Cool! Blogging buddies! I need one!!

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    Crystal Marcussen

    February 3, 2016

    My darling I have always celebrated my birthday month! Like you, I love being me! I refuse to wait to see which of my spastic family will remember what to me is a joyful occasion! So celebrate loud and celebrate proud! We are Devine and the world needs to know it!!

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      February 3, 2016

      Thank you!

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