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Make Your Ceiling Fan Work For You

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June 16, 2016 0 Comments

I live in Oklahoma, affectionately called, Ovenhoma.  Heat is not a mystery to us, but that doesn’t mean we like it. In fact, speaking for myself, I really don’t like it.  But, that’s why God invented AC and ceiling fans.  Working together they help us survive until October……ok, November.  I have gathered some information to help you use your ceiling fan to it’s best ability.

The Basics

Did you know that most ceiling fans only use as much energy as a 100 watt bulb?  If you want to be more energy efficient you can dial your thermostat up a few degrees and turn on your ceiling fans.  They don’t actually lower the temp in the room, but it will make the room FEEL 4 degrees cooler!

Start In The Right Direction

In the Summer you want to run the fan in a counterclockwise or forward direction.  Warm air rises and you want to pull the cooler air up towards you and then let the fan to push it back down onto you.  It’s a wind chill effect that just makes you happy.

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In the winter your fan can also help by running the fan in a clockwise or reverse direction on it’s slowest speed so you’re not causing a breeze.  It pushes the warmer air back down and redistributes it.  It’s a Win/Win!

Blade Runner

When the blades are clean, they work more efficiently.  And if you haven’t cleaned your blades in a while, you’ll see the dust tornado form right in front of your eyes, and balls of the stuff will fall like snow.  You can buy one of those handy dandy dusting thingys specifically for ceiling fans, you can break out your vacuum and struggle around with the attachments for 30 mins, or you can do this simple trick from Real Simple.


Photo by: Anna Williams/Real Simple

This is the way that I clean my blades, it’s simple and quick.  Throw an old pillowcase over each blade, place your hand on the outside top of the blade and dust by pulling the material towards you.  The dust gathers inside the pillowcase.  Then empty and shake the pillowcase outside and wash the pillowcase.  Done.

And there you have it!  Don’t you feel all knowledgeable??  Just a couple more ideas!  If your ceiling fans have lights, change them for something more energy efficient.  And if you want to update your look, it’s simple to spray paint the fan making sure to cover the electrical elements. Change out the light globes.  Paint or Whitewash the blades and you have a snazzy new look for pennies!

Summer isn’t my favorite season, except for the BBQs, outdoor entertaining, dragonflies, swimming, Lake trips, picnics and Margarittas near my pond, but with AC, Lemonade, homemade popsicles, ceiling fans and my brief encounters with the freezer section of my grocery store, I will survive!

Happy Breezes!




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