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Mirrors – The Reflections of an Amateur Decorator

July 1, 2014 0 Comments

I have a slight obsession with mirrors…..at least my therapist claims it’s only minor and not admittance worthy.  But when I started creating my own style, one thing was immediately apparent to me.  I was attracted to ornate details, and mirrors were one of the first things that I could afford that would give me those gorgeous details.

When I started buying them, they were easy to find and cheap!  They are definitely one of my “go-to” pieces because they are decorating workhorses that give so much more than decor back to the room. So I have happily installed them into every room in the house.

On The Wall

The Wall Color is Valspar Bay Waves

A mirror gives so much back to you.  It will make any room feel bigger, and the bigger it is, the larger the room will seem.  But here’s where it can get sticky, make sure the reflection is a desirable one!  Don’t hang a mirror opposite a window with a view of a dumpster, or you might start feeling like you live in an alley.

 Who’s The FairestDSCN0907_edited-1-831x1024 (2)

A well-placed mirror in a dark room will reflect light, but three mirrors in the same room?  Three times the light!  Adding candles or lamps near mirrors is always a good idea too!

use mirrors to reflect light


Mirrors are a work of art.  They can be the focal point of a room, bring depth, reflect; light, color and movement.  They are amazing tools for any décor, whether your style is Farm Funky Retro or Sleazy Hollywood Glam, there is a mirror or two out there for you!

But, if you can’t find the mirror of your dreams….build one!  It was hard to find the Trumeau mirror of my dreams in Oklahoma without selling my first born, so we built the one below.  It actually turned out easier than I imagined to create, and I just love it! It’s a couple of mirrors with some trim on plywood.  Add some plaster and paint and Voila….ohhh la la!

built trumeau mirror

Last Piece Of Advice

Constantly searching for my next beautiful mirror requires me to ask you to do me a BIG favor!  If you ever sell a mirror on Craig’s List, make sure your 350 lb hairy husband covers his thong first BEFORE he stands in front of the mirror and takes the picture, would ya!?!  Because while I might love the mirror, that image will stay with me forever. Plus I might be tempted to send him a message informing him that while he might be Spongebob biggest fan, maybe that’s not the best place to display his affection? Just sayin.

Do you have a vintage mirror obsession as well?  Leave me a comment and tell me how many mirrors you have!

Happy Junkin!

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