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Mother’s Day My Way – 4 Classic Ideas To Honor Your Mom

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April 25, 2016 0 Comments

I’m a Mama, and I have a Mama, so I feel sufficiently confident to discuss the topic of “what consists of a great Mother’s Day gift”.  First I need to narrow the scope to things I hope to receive or would give my own Mama. Mother’s Day is May 8th, so I thought I’d better start hinting now. I have put them together into 4 Classic Mother’s Day Ideas.

Breakup With The FTD Dude

I’m a girl. You’d think that statement would cover the topic of flowers quite nicely, but being married to a man,  experience tells me that I need to go into more detail.  You can choose to ignore the following as this pertains to my family and may not express your views.

Don’t get me wrong; I have a secret floramance with my local florist.  She gives me very nice discounts on flowers that are left over from her wedding orders, but that’s the point.  I can and often do buy cut flowers. And it will be a cold day in hell before I run out of containers. So getting a floral arrangement in a cutesy vase that will eventually be added to my Goodwill pile just isn’t me.  I’m not a pre-arranged floral display kinda chick.

mothers day ideas

Although I make fun of my husband, our marriage works because this man gets me.  Taking the kids into the garden to pick Mama a bouquet with; exposed roots, clumps of dirt,  and weeds touches my heart. So did the year he came back with four flats of petunias and two beaming kids.  You just can’t beat flowers that are hand picked.  And don’t forget to take pictures of the children hand picking those flowers!  Major BONUS POINTS!

Any Breakfast I Don’t Prepare is A Winner

The second of my Mother’s Day ideas is breakfast in bed. I will happily eat pancakes with dry mix filled bubble every year if my kids or husband made them.  And while exceptionally runny eggs will get hidden under the last pancake, I’ve never had any unexpected ER visits. I look forward to this every year and last year, my daughter who is a mini me actually added a sprig of parsley next to my cut fruit.  My eyes still water when I think about that proud moment!

Mother's Day Ideas

Send Her To Time Out

Give the Mama in your life a Spa Day.  Don’t the words alone just make you relax?  Say it with me……Spa Day.  Just saying the words are almost enough to imagine a retreat in the mountains with floor to ceiling windows and guys named Sven and Raul working out your kinks.  The kinks you had and the ones you make up. BLISS.

But most of us can’t afford to take our Mamas away to exercise Sven’s digits, so a compromise is in order.  Put a spa basket together for her.  Add her favorite music, a couple of candles and some homemade sugar scrub.  There are a ton of recipes on Pinterest but here’s my favorite recipe. You can find this one and more on my page Homemade Spa.

Homemade Spa - Lavender Lemon Scrub

I usually add lemon zest if I’m giving this as a gift. To make it prettier.  If you happen to know what skin type your Mama has, you can design some tantalizing spa products for her.  Milk baths, bath bombs, peppermint scrubs for feet, sugar scrubs, soaps, lotions……….OH MY!

Give the Gift of Time

The last of my Mother’s Day ideas is time. There are so many things that you can do for your Mama on her day but the best by far is your time.  Spend an afternoon at the Movies or take her on a Junkin Road Trip.  Be her Garden slave, take a drive on a scenic route and find a small off the chain diner.  Craft something together, or go to a used bookstore that serves really good coffee.  But whatever ya’lls thing is…. do it together.

She Deserves Some Recognition

This woman saw you through nuclear waste diapers, both your own and your children’s.  She’s handled chicken pox and numerous Christmas programs.  Bike accidents, muddy carpets, and restrained herself from taking out a hit on the first person to break your heart.

She cried on your first day of Kindergarten as you got on the bus, then tailed it all the way to school.  Your Mama cried again when you graduated High School and mumbled under her breath, “don’t trip”  as you crossed the stage. She prayed your latest psycho boyfriend wasn’t the one but kept her mouth shut in case he became family. For Heaven’s sake, she avoided killing you when you turned 13; she deserves more than some daisies in a tea pot left on her porch.

Final Thoughts

Oh, and that whole “You’re not MY mother” crapola your husband might throw at you on your first Mother’s Day after giving birth to his child???  Don’t worry about it, call his Mama she’ll straighten him out right quick…..unless he’s not Southern…then you’re on your own. But I’ve found guilt works like a charm, after 11 1/2 hours of labor, that man will never be able to repay you, but he better try!

You know a Mama doesn’t have to be blood-related to deserve the title.  Consider all the women and possibly a Dad in your life that took on that role as well.  If they influenced, inspired and believed in you throughout your life, they deserve to be recognized on this day as well.  This Mother’s Day,  I hope you receive lots of lumpy pancakes and clumpy crushed flowers presented with love. Nothing says it better.

Happy Mama’s Day Y’all!


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