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· From Junkin To Towels and Lots In Between ·

June 30, 2016 0 Comments

What do you do when you have a new post due and you’ve been so busy Junkin and doing Summer stuff that you hit crunch time and you got nothin?  Well, you come up with a List of your Fav 5!  Since it’s Junkin season for me, which leads to an over abundance of decorating activity I thought I would share my 5 Favorite Faded Bluebird home decorating posts, and you get to come along on this trip down memory lane.


1.  The Best Show In Town  – I share some of my favorite tips for being a charming garage sale shopper.  Now you may wonder how this relates to home decorating, but for me, it all starts at a garage sale.



2.  Mirror Mirror – Mirrors are an important tool in my home decorating war chest.  Find out why!

It's Time To Reflect Your Style!

3. My Version Of The Naked Dream – Come on y’all this is about the importance of window dressing!  Although I admit sometimes it’s better to go the Full Monty!


4.  Don’t Throw In That Towel – I consider towels to be an important and useful element to my bathroom decor.  But don’t expect to learn how to make Towel Swans, that’s above my pay grade!


5. Confessions From A Pillow Pusher – This one help you to explain to clueless husbands why you need pillows on your bed that you can’t sleep on!

Can You

And there you have it, my Fav 5.  Well at least for this week.  Drop me a line or two and let me know if you found any of them helpful!

Happy Decorating!


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