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Onions Are Nothing To Cry About

February 21, 2016 0 Comments

I have what you might call the Quad-fecta of deliciousness when cooking or preparing my main dishes.  Almost all of them include one if not all of the following; fresh Onions, Garlic, Mushrooms and Bell Pepper.  So you can imagine how many onions I can go through in a month, and mouthwash….we use a lot of mouthwash in this house!

And you must be asking yourself, “How does she chop a truckload of onions and maintain her beautiful lashicure”? Honestly?  I use a Mini Ninja chopper and tear-less mascara.  But if you just need a little onion and you’re not looking forward to the cry-fest that might follow, try using these methods.

Study Your Enemy

Onions are sneaky.  When cut they produce a fine mist spray of enzyme droplets that when mixed with water (like in your eyes) produces a sulfuric acid……. then your body produces copious amounts of tears to wash it out.  It is the same reason why I cry during political debates!  Now you know why it happens you can be better prepared.

Chill Out And Always Butt Out

Always keep an onion in the fridge, or place it in the freezer for at least 15 minutes prior to cutting into it. A chilled out onion releases it’s pesky enzymes much slower than one at room temperature.  And sweet onions have a higher water content and actually prefer being stored in the fridge, but wrap each individual onion in newspaper to keep it cool and dry.

When you’re ready to make the final cut, slice the top off and peel leaving the root in place, then cut as much as you want moving towards the root.  The root is where the majority of those sulfur nasties are stored. Oh!  And if you make your own broths, keep those top onion pieces in a tub in your freezer to use along with scrap pieces of carrots, celery, parsley and garlic.

Keep Sharp

You should always hone your cooking skills and what better way than to keep your tools sharp.  Using a sharp knife or a veggie peeler will reduce how many droplets you produce. A dull knife kinda hacks at the onion, it’s torturing it really…. would you want a haircut with dull scissors?  Same thing.

Be A Diva

Kill two birds with one stone, cook a fabulous, tear less meal for you family with sass and flair!  Wear your best pair of Holly Golightly sunglasses, then wet and part your lips slightly.  There!  You’re ready for your close up.  If you wear glasses or non breathable contacts your eyes should be protected and you shouldn’t suffer as much as the rest of us. And when breathing through your mouth instead of through your nose, you take in those enzymes and taste them more than suffer through them.

That’s it.  You are now prepared to chop to your heart’s delight, but I want to leave you with some more onion tips.  Use a veggie peeler if you want to add fresh onions to salads, it is a breeze and so easy!  And since fresh onions give the biggest bang to your breath’s air quality, try chewing a couple of sprigs of parsley to immediately freshen your breath!  And my last little bit of onion trivia….to remove the smell of onions from your hands, use lemon juice then rinse them in water.  But my favorite onion tip is this…..USE A MINI NINJA CHOPPER!

Whether you prefer white, yellow or purple, onions are a great source of Vitamin C and fiber and now after writing this, I’m seriously craving some french onion soup! Share your favorite onion tips with me and drop me a comment!

Happy Cooking!


February 21, 2016

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