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Rosemary – A Herbal BFF

· A Herb That Cooks & Cleans! ·

June 23, 2016 0 Comments

I can be fanatical about my herbs.  That wasn’t really an honest statement, let me try again.  I AM fanatical about my herbs.  I just love them.  I love to grow them, harvest them, smell them, stroke them and eventually use them.  But Rosemary stands out for its many uses; cooking, cleaning, health & beauty.  Ladies & Gentlemen please help me to welcome Rosemary to my blog.

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Rosemary & Apple Cider Vinegar – Rosemary infused Oil – Rosemary Vinegar

Some people don’t like the smell of Rosemary and I get it….not really, but I’m trying to bond.   I really enjoy the smell of Rosemary sprigs,  and add some lemon slices and a couple of drops of Vanilla simmering on the stove…. BLISS!  Oh, then there’s throwing sprigs of Rosemary on your winter fires. And you can use the woody stems as skewers for grilling.  Or, if you’re harvesting tons, make a wreath or topiary!


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Yummy Cooking

Cooking is a huge category for Rosemary.  Making an infused oil with Olive oil and Rosemary has soooo many uses. Strip the leaves from the sprig, and run a rolling pin over them a couple of times to release the oils. Place a mason jar containing one cup of olive oil in a pot of boiling water. Heat the oil, remove from the pot and add the leaves.  Allow to steep in a dark cabinet, checking it every few days for up to a week.  Strain the leaves and place the oil in a jar with a tight seal, then store in the fridge for up to a month.  Quite often I will make a Garlic & Rosemary Oil, this one gets used a lot for potatoes and chicken.  For this just add several cloves (pierce the cloves with a fork) when you add the Rosemary leaves.

Use Rosemary infused oil to make; a flavored butter for bread, vinaigrettes, marinades, or just toss it with some potatoes and garlic! Potatoes adore Rosemary!

Rosemary Garlic Potatoes

As I said, Rosemary mixes really well with garlic and lemon.  So consider fish, pork and pasta dishes as well when cooking with Rosemary.  There are so many recipes available to you on Pinterest and out in blogland containing Rosemary you will never run out!

Yummy Skin

Remember that infused oil that you made?  Well it also makes a wonderful hot oil treatment (use as you would any other hot oil treatment) for you hair!  Rosemary is great for skin irritations like dandruff.  It is also used to help with other skin irritations like eczema and joint complaints such as arthritis.  Warm the oil and rub it on. Rosemary is beneficial to stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain.   What’s not to love?

Reasons To Love

Have a sunburn?  Reach for some Rosemary infused apple cider vinegar and soak in a tub. Then apply a mixture of coconut oil with a few drops of Rosemary infused oil.  Looking for a good bath soak?  Try 2 c. Epsom salt, 1/4 c. baking soda and 10 drops of your Rosemary infused oil.  This oil makes a wonderful scrub and when added to a homemade shaving cream, you’re gonna love me.

Rosemary infused Apple Cider Vinegar is used in baths for detoxes, as a hair rinse, as a toner.  When adding Rosemary to homemade body products, it acts as a natural preservative. See what I mean??

Yummy House

Using Rosemary infused vinegar is a wonderful all-purpose spray, simply add 1 c. of the vinegar to 2 c of distilled water.  If you add Rosemary Essential oil to some of your homemade cleaning products will rock your cleaning chores! Rosemary has anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties so when added to vinegar……WOW! So it’s good for kitchens, bathrooms and can be used on windows and floors.  Again, there are tons of cleaning recipes using Rosemary out there.

Rosemary definitely makes my list for Top 10 Herbs.  How does it rank for you?

Happy Cooking, Cleaning and well Bathing!




June 23, 2016

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