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Identify The Silver Lining – Life Is What You Make Of It

March 5, 2017 6 Comments

Tell me if you’ve ever had one of these days.  You wake up with the cutest 3-year-old face two inches from your nose and the words, “I’m hungry” ringing in your ears and dawn hasn’t broken yet.  You can hear the 6-year-old singing in the bathroom, and she never sings unless she’s being creative.  And you just know that when you go get the baby, there’s going to be the nastiest biological disaster just waiting for you.  But it’s all good, because….with any luck, today is going to be same old/same old boring excitement…..Thank God! Just look at that silver lining.

Recognize Your Attitude

A friend called yesterday and I asked, “how you’ve been?”.  “Fine,” she says “it’s been boring around here, nothing exciting”.  “That’s great!”, I told her.  She was less than enthused about my response, so she went into greater detail.  I listened and was supportive, but I still thought she had a good week.

It boils down to how you look at it.  Her current attitude was, she had an ordinary crappy week.  Because someone keeps stealing her parking spot, and her angel had to be picked up from school because she shoved a crayon up her nose.  She had a state trooper ask for her autograph, and she had to send her husband back to “How To Properly Load A Dishwasher” boot camp! Again, I say it was a good week!

Shift Your Viewpoint

Most of our weeks are filled with annoying moments like that, but the thing is…..we don’t see them as the gifts they are until we have a really horrendous day.  When the worst happens, you look back on those days with nostalgia and a wish that the worst thing that you can report is a crayon filled nose.

But, when your spouse takes a Cancer journey, your viewpoint changes.  And that is the silver lining for some of the worst days in your life.  So many times I prayed I would have those days of small annoyances back, and miraculously we were given that opportunity.  We received the best gift, not only did we beat his cancer, but we learned how to see each moment from a different vantage, identifying the silver lining. And if it wasn’t immediately apparent, we taught ourselves to change our attitude until we could see it. It’s about seeing life not as half full or half empty, but appreciating the fact that you have a cup!

It’s a gift that I wish I could give everyone without them having to take the journey themselves. But then as my friend reminded me, I have this blog…….

silver lining

Search For The Silver Lining

Am I saying, don’t ever get frustrated or annoyed?  Hell no. Just this morning I was cut-off going to work, and I was so tempted to ram my Blazer so far up his….no, I’m not saying don’t get annoyed.  Nor am I saying you can’t share your annoyances with whoever will sit still and listen.  But by being your life’s cruise director, you can direct your attitude to the positive side. Hey, I found out my brakes are in good working order, and he made me slow down possibly saving me from giving away my autograph for free!  And by avoiding my instincts of ramming my blazer so far up his…. I arrived at work alive, with no body damage and in time to grab the last blueberry bagel!

Wallow in your frustration for as long as you need to……(are you done yet cause you’ve got more to read). Then identify the silver lining, and take a moment to be grateful for it and move on!  When you can see the silver lining, you can also see the rewards that life hands you.  Happiness is a fresh blueberry bagel…with cream cheese!

What I’m saying is don’t sweat the small stuff for long, but be grateful for it instead. Because you’re alive to be annoyed about the shaving cream on the shower walls that has to be cleaned before you change a nuclear disaster diaper and then make a predawn breakfast.  Thankfully, your husband is lying within easy reach of your sharp elbows, cause that jerk isn’t sleeping if you can’t.  You have another boring day to look forward to, and I’m truly grateful!

Happy Life!



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    March 27, 2017

    Yes, Chris! Thank you for so eloquently stating the truth. Life is a gift. Enjoy the little things, because as you look back, they are the most precious of moments.

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      March 28, 2017

      Yes, they are! Thank you for the compliment.

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    Michelle Nettles

    March 6, 2017

    So glad I took time to read about “The Silver Lining” this morning!! I will switch my thoughts about how this week is going to turn out & have a better week than what my head was imagining. It is possible for it to turn out fantastic not disastrous. You see my dear sweet hubby decided to take a vacation this week while I am planning my dear sweet daughter, I didn’t have to give birth to (this is how I refer to the kids that I claim as mine but didn’t have to labor for or pay for which makes them super special!!) bridal shower. Yes I have every thing that is jam packed into my little bitty craft closet out of the closet and all over the house. And I will have to make daily trips to the thrift shop & Hobby Lobby to pick up last minute items to complete the decorations for the shower. Already one day into the vacay the questions have started (why are you doing that? when will you be able to clean up this mess? you have to make another trip to the thrift shop? we don’t need more junk, we need to get rid of junk.~~My life will consist of lots of wine this week & now positive thoughts!!). Thank you again!! I am off to craft & make this shower super special for my sweet girl!! 🙂

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      March 6, 2017

      Congratulations!!! What a great gift to give your daughter! And think of all the wonderful memories you will be generating this next week. And him being on vacation is so handy. Now you can spend quality time together making memories for your daughter by planning and executing her bridal shower! What a giving Dad to give up his vacation like that. See! That’s how you turn it around, LOL!

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    March 6, 2017

    Thank you so very much for this…great pearls of wisdom for what started as a not so good day.

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      March 6, 2017

      Denise, I’m so glad that this post was timely for you! Have a great week!

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