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Let Your Thanksgiving Table Play Dress up!

November 17, 2016 2 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  I really get excited when I get another opportunity to decorate something and this time it’s my Thanksgiving table. I’m going to take my dishes out for the holiday and let my table play dress up.  I found some absolutely stinking cute dishes at Salvation Army for $1.99 that I just can’t wait to use this year.

fall dishes

As you can see I needed to clean up the old fork marks on them first, and let me tell you, Bar Keepers Friend works like a charm! Aren’t they gorgeous! I’ll run them through the dishwasher before they get used…….but I’m truly in love!  But enough about me.  Let me take you on the Thanksgiving Table Tour 2016.

Thanksgiving Table Tour

Bring out your good dishes! Use your Fiesta Ware and Iron Ware. Polish your great-grandmother’s silver set. Clean up those soup tureens, cake stands and gravy boats.  If not now……when?  Dishes were made to be collected and USED!  Your table deserves to play dress up and be shown off.

If you have a fun and crazy side, jazz up your table. Mix and match your place settings.  Use 2 -3 different colors of your Fiesta Ware. Bohemian patterned napkins, chunky silver bracelets as napkin rings and painted pumpkins. Mini pumpkins are easy to paint and happy coincidence….they’re on sale right now!

What about the children’s table?  Make it so much fun that you have to shoo away some of your adult guests!  I love this idea by Lemon Thistle!  Add some crayons and you’re all set!  Or, you could even paint each place setting with chalk paint and ask your young guests to color in their Thanksgiving meal with some colored chalk.

Great Style Can Come Cheap

Dressing up your table doesn’t have to be expensive.  Use what you have, just be creative. Take a walk in your garden or look in your fridge! If Farmhouse is more your thing, and no other holiday suits this style, then use cheesecloth, flour sack or a burlap sack as a table runner.  Fill a wooden dough bowl with a selection of greenery or fall leaves, add some apples, and voile! Perfection.  Furthermore, you can throw one of those apples at those male taste testers that inevitably hang out in the kitchen every year.   Extra points if you actually hit them.  Hey!  Consequently that makes it 3 fun functions in one tablescape!

Or maybe you love simple elegance.  And really who doesn’t. A beautiful display of grains as a centerpiece surrounded by your favorite table settings is the perfect choice.  A silver or Ironstone coffee pot filled with wheat doesn’t need back up.

Don’t Forget The Fun

Another consideration is adding something fun and maybe unexpected to your holiday this year!  An Apple Cider Bar, and/or a Pie Station! You could make your buffet a little more appealing too while you’re at it.  Ohhh, the endless possibilities!

Thanksgiving table

1 Unattributed Via Pinterest 2. Good Housekeeping 3. The Wedding Cafe

As for me, there is just something about simplicity that projects both grace and elegance. Since it’s just my immediate family this year, we are going simple and elegant. A small, stained wooden apple basket filled with stained birdhouse gourds, my new fall plates and mini pumpkins for named place sitting.  I went simple because I don’t want my fru fru getting in the way of the hungry hoards.  Plus my table has to convert in a domino championship playground in seconds.  (Y’all are going DOWN!).

My family and I want to wish yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. Although my year has been challenging in many ways and I face yet another pay cut in January, I have so much to be grateful for.  I will be with the people that I love and who love me the most. I have a job that allows me endless possibilities of making a difference in my small part of the world.  And I fully expect that I will once again be domino champion.  Life is good.

Happy Thanksgiving!








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    November 18, 2016

    Thanks for sharing this inspiration!! I absolutely LOvE “letting my table play dress up”. I would love to see more posts about this for every season!! It is hard to find good tablescape inspiration on the internet. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! 🙂

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      November 21, 2016

      Thank you for your comment. I am a table setting fan, so you will see holiday table setting inspiration in the future! Even when it’s just us, I enjoy dressing the table up for the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!!

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