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The Wedding Black & Blues

· Wedding Planning is all about Preparation and Prozac ·

May 30, 2016 0 Comments

You know how you're busy minding your own business and a friend asks you a question that leads you spiraling into helping plan the decor of a wedding? No? Then let me tell you a story.

A friend of my family announced that she was getting married.  We all rejoiced for her and her fiance and looked forward to the wedding….such a happy event in someone’s life.  Little did I know at the time that I would be sucked into the black hole called, “Wedding Planning”.  It started with a question about my opinion.

Planning A (1)

Round One

The next thing I knew I was given a list and I was off and junkin for some of the decor.  Then I was attending meetings, given assignments and had multiple projects going on in my garage.  How did this happen? Especially since the only direction given by the bride was, “I want sunset colors” and “I really like the Rustic, French Country and Farmhouse styles…..but I want the romantic Fairy Tale Elegant thing too”.  Okay, WHAT?

Venues were bounced around until someone took control and decided that the whole thing would be staged at her new in-laws pasture.  Ok….Rustic, check! Then we hit a period of indecision, I like to call it her Bridal Crawl.  We had to patchwork all her themes into a gorgeous wedding event but she didn’t really know what she wanted.  Her answers to questions were enough to send me running to…….the Mamas.  Da, da, da, duuuuummmm.

Round Two

If you asked her, “What do you think about flowers”, her answer would be, “I like flowers”.  OMG!  Ok, let’s put this another way, “what kind of flowers would you like”,  to which she answered, “Oh.  Well,  I’ll know what I like when I see it”.   It was the same with the cake, cake vs cupcakes, arbor, runner and menu.  After the first meeting with the Mamas I found out that I wasn’t the only one thinking of turning to Prozac.  But, we found out that things flowed more smoothly when we just presented her with one option and wait for the Yeah or Nay of it.

13260171_785015504999420_2668023590823295292_n (2)

So to hit all her sweet spots the flowers will include; roses for elegance and romance, lavender for French Country, wildflowers for rustic.  These arrangements will be placed in Ironstone pitchers to hit her Farmhouse need.  Flowers; check, check, check and check.

Round Three

We were on a roll, the Mamas and I.  We had a good grasp of what she wanted, a blend of all things that made up the Bride’s themes.  Cupcakes were ordered, a photographer was hired, BBQ will be served, a friend’s band will play and I was happily once again just responsible for the projects that I had agreed to do.  A cupcake stand made with lamp parts, candles sticks and silver trays like the one I made for myself last year. (see below). Candle holders made from furniture feet, a chandelier made with whiskey barrel rings, hundreds of silver bells and a waterfall of fairy lights in the center.  Plus there is a Chalkboard made out of a cabinet door as a menu sign,  an entry to the aisle made with 2 vintage doors and an oblong window.  Her male in-laws are building long picnic tables, vintage white tablecloths are being found, the buffet table set up has been decided and we can all sleep again at night.


Plus I was given a budget to go Junkin!  To find all the odds and ends to make some beautiful background pics.  A French style sofa or chairs, side tables and well, other decor.

The Final Round

We are now 2 weeks away from the big day and I have to say that I am excited to see the final results of our Rustic, French Country, Farmhouse but totally Elegant Wedding.  It was an experience that I’m glad  I had for two reasons.  I’m happy that I could help out a friend of my family and loan them whatever talents I have that they could use.  And I now know without a doubt that when Chloe, Lilly and Sadie are ready to take that sprint down the aisle that I am going to be pointing out the pro’s of an Elvis Wedding in Las Vegas. Wedding planning isn’t for me.  But Wedding Staging?  I have found out that staging a wedding is a lot like decorating your home, use what you love no matter what the style and somehow it comes together beautifully.  This I will happily do for my girls and I will magically re-enter the country to help find and stage the decor, just leave the rest to a professional with nerves of steel and the patience of lion waiting for the kill.  Planning a wedding comes with all sorts of issues,  and for me the biggest one was the resentment of knowing that immediately following the ceremony and reception this wishy washy bride gets a 2 week vacation and I’m stuck here…wrung out, in shock and out of prozac.  Where’s the justice???

Happy Decorating!


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