Faded Bluebird

What separates those highly organized, never late for soccer practice, always knows who’s birthday it is, never makes a mad dash across town to pay the electric bill on time people? Well they’re not human…..I’m kidding!   No, they’re like the rest of us only they’ve wondered out of Procrastinationland in their freshly washed jeans while we stay lost dancing happily in our spaghetti stained shorts.  Yeah, I’m lying.  I’ve blended in well, but I’m one of those aliens and they’ve just recently voted me onto the City Council. But, if you’re ready to join us, I’m here to give you a map and a flashlight then lead you into doing today what you’re not going to have time to do tomorrow.

Schedule Isn’t A Dirty Word

Hey, I can be spontaneous!  I just have to schedule it into my calendar first.  Again, I’m kidding! Why is it that my friends and family think that I have every breath listed and accounted for just because I use the calendar on my cell phone? I don’t have time to spreadsheet my breathing regime, but I do have time to write important need to remember dates.  It’s how I get to appointments on time, don’t miss a meeting, or a luncheon, lessons, birthdays or a Doctor’s appointment.  And since I practically let my cell phone run my life some days, that calendar gently reminds me when any of those events are going to occur.  Also, I got tired of coming up with really creative, but totally awesome excuses.

Just Do It

There are seven days in the week and Tomorrow isn’t one of them.  So my best advice is to just do it.  If it doesn’t fit, donate it.  If it’s a slimy science experiment, compost it. If it’s dirty, wash it.  If it’s clean, put it up. If it’s due, pay it. If it’s open, shut it.  If it matters, schedule it.

You Don’t Have To Buy A One Way Ticket

Am I telling you to regiment your life down to the last micro second?  NO. I’m telling you to make a habit of taking care of things as they pop up so that you have more time in your life to do the other stuff….you know the fun stuff. I’m telling you to take care of things BEFORE they become a mess, or a check engine light, or an emergency or a reason to dig deep for an excuse.  Also, I would be totally lying to you if I said I never visited Procrastinationland, I’m on my 16th passport. But the things I choose to procrastinate about don’t add clutter to my home, just my mental state.  I have too much Scarlett O’Hara in my DNA to handle everything immediately, some things I have to psych myself up for first and that could take some time.  That reminds me, I guess I’d better tell my husband that I scratched the car last November and I have a feeling I’m going to be busy for the next several hours, so I’ll talk to you later.

Happy Organizing!



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