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January 28, 2016 2 Comments

I like flowers in my home year round, but my budget and garden don't always allow for that. So over the years I've learned some tricks to keep floral displays throughout the house.....even if some of them are fake!

It’s winter and my garden looks dead.  I know it’s not and come spring, I’ll have roses, lilacs and blooming branches everywhere!  But that doesn’t help me enjoy flowers during the winter, so I’ve had to learn some tricks and when and how to fake it on occasion.

Put On Your Trail Shoes

Ever heard of Urban Floral Foraging?  Well, I’m not surprised, I made it up…..I hope. Urban Floral Foraging is taking floral stems or flowers from your backyard or (WITH PERMISSION!!!) from your neighbors, family or even vacant lots and sometimes from a bar ditch. It is the most cost effective way to bring flowers and greenery into your home.  You would be surprised at how many people will let you take stems, especially if you trim it up and they don’t have to!  Dress appropriately in case you have to walk back into some narly brush, carry some sharp cutters and some kind of basket and away you go.   But when you go off on a UFF adventure, don’t forget your fillers; privet stems, ferns, rosemary, evergreen….it’s up to you!  I’ve even used heads of lettuce from the Farmers Market as fillers until I had to eat them.

Become a Romantic

Do you know your local florist?  Well, take that woman some cookies!  My neighborhood florist will sell me her overstock or rejects from the wedding arrangements that she designs at a discount. She is also willing to sell flowers that have some droop to them, what I call the faded roses.  I have received roses, hydrangeas and baby’s breath by the truck load this way.  Also check out your local grocery store, they will often greatly reduce florals when they start to look a little middle-aged.  A nice new cut at the stem and most of these will perk right back up!  My local Aldi’s sells a half dozen roses for $1.99 when they begin to fade. I’ve been known to take home the table arrangements from conferences and meetings as well. And recently I’ve met the owner of a local Lavender Farm, and she’s promised me some of her stems!  In all honesty, I kind of prefer some of my flowers a little faded…..it’s so romantic, like Camille dying on her gorgeous fainting sofa.

When All Else Fails…….Fake It!

Invest in some really good fakes.  Although I’m not a huge fan of Hobby Lobby, I have to admit that their floral department is really good.  I will use my coupon or wait for in-store sales and pick up some basic fakes; white roses, lavender, daisies and eucalyptus.  If you’re lucky enough you can find these at garage sales too. And usually I am the only one that knows these are fake (ok. I’ve told you… so that makes two of us), and there are tricks to using your fakes to the best of their ability.  Use real fillers like some of those I mentioned above in your arrangements. Spray rose water on your fake roses to trick your mind into see Iceberg Roses instead of  the falsies. Give them a bath every so often with some warm water and vinegar, just swish them around and hang upside down to dry.  If you take care of your fakes, they will continue to delight your eye.


The Game Changer

Whether you can afford to surround yourself with fresh flowers year round, or have invested in some really good fakes, it’s the mood changer that counts.  Looking at flowers just makes me happy….and that’s worth a lot to me.  Flowers just make my home feel like…..well, a home.  How do you feel about fake flowers, drop me a comment and tell me what you think!

Happy Decorating!


January 28, 2016


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    January 28, 2016

    I love your blog. So much helpful and interesting information. Beautiful pictures. Keep it coming.

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      January 28, 2016

      Thank you!

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